budget build

  1. javjinos

    New Builder- Photo & Video editing

    Good morning guys. I'm new to this sport so i would appreciate your help here. I owe an iMac late 2009 and that was my partner in photo editing and lately video editing as well. Unfortunately , GPU crashed so i decided to go to HoS. The problem is that i haven't done this before (building a...
  2. Igor16

    Budget build (under 800$ including a 24" monitor)

    I have to build a hackintosh for a friend, she needs to do graphics, so working on Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premiere and so on. Her budget is about 700 euros (about 800$), including a 24" monitor. What do you advice? I only used Clover till now, but I could try OpenCore. She uses a...
  3. cheng10

    Does sm963 work with hackintosh?

    Hi, I have found some really cheap sm963 m2 ssd online (about 43 USD for 400 GB, probably refurbished). Does this type of m2 ssd work with hackintosh? I know sm961 works, how about sm963?
  4. hoha881

    budget pc for mojave or highsierra under 400 without monitor and keyboard

    i want to build a hackintosh system and i am low on budget even cheaper (less than 300$) would help me more i want to use photoshop and illustrator on mac(why because i have ipad pro and i can use it as cintiq with easycanvas and ...). cpu cor i3 would be good. please help me
  5. ThatMusicDude

    10.6.8+ VS 10.7.5+, Which build for Installing the 10.7.5 lion ?

    Hi From the older builds suggestion on this website (10.6.8+ VS 10.7.5+), Which build should I go for in order to Instal the 10.7.5 lion ? I know it's a bit of a silly question :crazy::lol:, I am a newbie at this website and I really need to be sure so I won't order the wrong parts. Huge...
  6. tux

    Compatability check

    Hey all! this will be my first hackintosh build in a while and was wondering if anyone could tell me if the following parts would be compatible. CPU Intel Core i3-8100 Mobo Gigabyte H370 HD3 RAM Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB 2 x 4GB DDR4-2400 Graphics Card EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Superclocked...
  7. solarmacx86

    Building a High Sierra <$400 Hackintosh. Do these parts work?

    Hi there! So I am new to the Hackintosh community, and I am seriously looking into building one to use as an HTPC in my home theater setup. I have a list of parts I was thinking about using in my build, and I was wondering if a) they are compatible and b) should I get any newer/alternate parts...
  8. shuvo586

    buying suggestion for Sierra/High Sierra ( budget $500-550 )

    Hello, I am a new user. I am planing to build a hackintosh. Please suggest me compatible components for build Sierra/High Sierra Hackintosh. My budget is around $500-550 with good motherboard and cpu . (Sorry for bad english ) Thank you.
  9. RofobX

    Build advise

    Hello! I am new to the whole hackintosh world and i need some advise. I am planing to build my first hackintosh but i am on a budget so the plan is to buy everything but the GPU and later upgrade the ram and storage. Components : i7 7700k (Even if the motherboard is not overclockable i think the...
  10. EmperorWalrus

    Graphics Card?

    I'm looking for a graphics card for my budget hackintosh. There are a few things I want, and Im having trouble figuring out whether or not the cards will be compatible. There are a few things I want. 1. Capability of light video editing 2. Able to run on two monitors 3. Able to do some basic...
  11. Alika

    Budget System Build + Newbie Questions

    Hello! I try to contextualize my situation, so feel free to scroll to "Possible Build" if you don't care for the context of my situation and want to just give me advice on the build I am thinking about. I also have a few potentially newbie questions at the very bottom. Quite new to this whole...
  12. jessyzaa

    1080p Editing with 700 Euro Budget (Germany)

    I want to build a Hackintosh in a 700 Euro Budget, (Monitor and mouse/keyboard and another gears not included.) I stay in german, Can I get anyone help, (I have experience building PC with my bro before. But have no idea for parts when I wanna build my own HPC.) (Have the storage already...
  13. nOd3N1AL

    Best value, most hassle-free way to building Hackintosh?

    So the current advice seems to be to go with a Skylake CPU; which I'm hesitant to do given their prices are still pretty much the same as they were on launch and they're 2 about years old now. On the GPU front, only Maxwell and earlier are supported; and it's not easy to find a new Maxwell or...
  14. Pulentboy

    El capitan or Sierra for best stability on a cheap i3 6100 build

    Hello: First of all thanks for this great forum and community, im from Chile (latinamerica) and in need to assemble a basic system for a friend, the main use will be web-browsing, excel, watching full hd movies online and using autocad on windows in the same machine. I have done my research but...
  15. denyuldrumma

    Is this a compatible Hackintosh build?

    I am planning on making a budget-ish Hackintosh to replace my aging Mid-2009 MacBook (An AWESOME machine, definitely gonna keep it after so I have an OS X laptop for school/travel). I am simply wondering if the following parts are compatible. From what I can tell, they are, but with...
  16. JoseValenciaGomez

    What's the cheapest computer you can install El Capitan on?

    That's my question. I want to buy a computer to install, upgrade, try out new OSs, without being computerless if I break it. I want it to be my spare computer. Could be the mini ITX sort of thing. I know there's a buyer's guide, but want to make sure I don't spend unnecessarily. Any suggestions?
  17. Hazzer

    Budget Hakintosh/ Gaming PC help.

    Hi all, I'm interested in building a Hankintosh and medium tier gaming PC in one. I was hoping to use my existing computer to cannibalise parts from it (the power supply, 500gb- for the Mac side of the things and case), then near enough buy a near brand new PC. This is on a slight budget and...
  18. 481299

    1st Budget Build - Advices

    [1st Build] Budget CustomMacMini - Advices Hello, few days ago I get an idea to buy new computer, so I started to search more on internet about Hackintoshs and I end up here. Sorry for incorecet English and thanks for help ;) So I need some budget machine for W7 and OSX. W7 for some games...
  19. giannis96

    [Success] Dante's Customac: GA-B85-HD3 -i3 4330 -HD 4600

    Dante's Customac: GA-B85-HD3 - i3-4330 - HD 4600 Components Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3 -LGA1150 (yes i know its B85 but i don't need anything more) http://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-GA-B85-HD3--LGA1150-Chipset-Motherboard/dp/B00FMIB7HK/ Intel Core i3-4330...