1. PacMan

    [Full Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 7548 UHD - Big Sur - OpenCore

    Hardware Specifications General Vendor: Dell Model: Inspiron 15 7548 Processor: Intel Core i7-5500U (2 @ 2.4GHz) (15W) (Broadwell-U) Display: 15,6" 4K Truelife Touchscreen panel (3480x2160 @60/48Hz) Hard Drive: 256GB SSD Liteon (SATA AHCI) (LCH-256V2S-11 2.5 7mm) Memory: 16GB DDR3 (1600MHz)...
  2. fivos1996

    << Solved >> Clover r5121 breaks HDMI audio

    Hi. On my HP laptop with Broadwell graphics, Clover r5121 seems to cause my HDMI audio to stop working. Downgrading to any previous release of Clover makes HDMI audio work again. Is this a known issue or is there something wrong with my setup? I have captured ioregs when booted using 5120 and...
  3. yanoulid1

    Can't boot into Mojave Installer

    I can't boot into macOS Mojave Installer. I created a bootable USB using UniBeast, and, after some changes to the EFI partition, verbose mode giving me the error : Unsupported PCH Unsupported CPU kextd stall[n], (240s): 'AppleACPICPU' My laptop is Intel Broadwell i7-5500U = Intel HD Graphics...
  4. psycrow

    Issues with i7-6800k + Gigabyte x99 Ultra Gaming (v1.0) + Nvidia GTX 980

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to do my very first hackintosh on this machine and so far, i've only got stuck with apple logo on boot (before install). I've tried a bunch of configurations and i'm always getting stuck at End RandomSeed+++++++++++++++++. I've also unplugged all hard drives and have...
  5. AnonymousMacPC

    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 3543 - macOS 10.14.X - Broadwell (i3-5005u)

    05/07/19 - I said I would discontinue but looking through the SetupIFR file, I stumbled upon this variable, S3 Video Repost Variable: 0x89, by default this is disabled. Need some testers to set it to 0x1. 04/09/19 - I will discontinue support for the Dell Inspiron 3543 until new edit. Best of...
  6. johnnync21

    MSI 2QC Succesfully install

    Hello, I was able to install Mojave Public Beta in my MSI 2QC Broadwell 5700hq. There could be some error. 2. What's Working Native power management Intel GPU Audio (AppleALC) TrackPad Wi-Fi (BCM94352Z) Bluetooth Ethernet (E2200 KILLER) HDMI video and audio USB 2.0 and 3.0 Built-in camera...
  7. MrMarnic

    [Guide] MSI GP72 2QE Leopard Pro (or similar) High Sierra 10.13.4 (Broadwell)

    MSI GP72 2QE Leopard Pro Overview: This guide discribes how to install High Sierra on a MSI GP72 2QE Leopard Pro on UEFI with CSM. This guide works for Dual-booting. Summary: What does not work Not tested Requirement USB Creation BIOS Settings Installing MacOs Post Installation The End What...
  8. chr0m1ng

    Vostro 5480 Install Reboot Without Showing Error

    Hi, I'm trying to install High Sierra on my laptop Dell Vostro 5480, already followed every step of the laptop guide But everytime that I try to boot I get no errors with verbose but the log stucks...
  9. DrThodt

    No Audio AppleALC ALC233

    Audio Device: 0x80869CA0 Sub Device: 0x17AA3907 I have tried layouts 1,3,7,10,11,12,13,17,18,28,29 and 33.
  10. Jevanni91

    Rendering h264 does not work

    Hi, I have a hackintosh High Sierra 12.13.4 x99 based: Gigabyte Ex Designare Broadwell 6850k asus strix RX 480 nvme samsung 256gb 960pro When I want to render a video on h264, in premiere, da vinci or FCPX, it does not start. (FCPX and DaVinci say error or failed, Premiere crashes and slows...
  11. BlueStargal

    Unable to complete macOS installation (using clover)

    Hello, please, apologies for this total newbie post. I have tried for a couple of days to install macOS High Sierra on my Asus Zenbook UX303LN-DQ282H i7-5500U Northbridge Intel Broadwell-U rev. 09 Southbridge Intel Broadwell-U PCH L-P rev. 03 HD5500, NV840M I came so far following...
  12. dakishimesan0

    Has anyone installed motherboard firmware patches for Meltdown and Spectre?

    Hi fellow hackintoshers, I've been debating installing the Meltdown And Spectre microcode updates on my high sierra 10.13.3 NUC 5i5. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried them with their Hackintosh and what your experience was? Part of my hesitancy is that, at least on the NUC, once you...
  13. dkoolj

    Direct upgrade to High Sierra ACPI Error HP Spectre X360

    I am trying to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra, but I am getting an ACPI error in clover that keeps repeating. I have attached pictures of the error. I used the apple installer on my working Sierra to upgrade, and clover shows the version of my macOS as 10.13.2, but I cannot boot into it. I...
  14. beethoven6497

    Broadwell Intel HD GT1 Graphics support in High Sierra

    Hello, And before you will start to say it is impossible to get GT1 graphics to work or it is not supported by Apple, I would like to share here some of my research. We will talk only about 0x16068086 this one I have with my 3205u processor. Let start from the beginning. We will briefly go...
  15. oussama14

    Intel Broadwell frame buffer Kernel Panic

    There is a strange issue on laptops with Broadwell IGPUs and i3-5005U CPUs. I made a vanilla installation, but can't boot without using invalid ig-platform-id (0x12345678), and no QE/CI (Only 4mb of DVMT). I patched the frame buffer as suggested by RehabMan, and changed ig-platform-id to...
  16. fivos1996

    Let's talk about Broadwell's uknown(?) GPU hang/KP issue...

    As requested by RehabMan, I'm making this thread so we can hopefully find a solution about a strange Broadwell graphics issue. So, I have an HP laptop (full specs in profile), which seems it will never have it's graphics working under OS X/macOS. Before you reply to this thread, no, it's not the...
  17. fr0n1k

    Notebook can't fall into the sleep

    When i press sleep in the apple menu or just closing my monitor, screen goes back, after some time hack seems to go sleep for a second and then just reboots(
  18. stewgh

    Lenovo Z70-80 neewbie

    Hi to everyone, I'm new in the Hackintosh field and in the last 3 days I've tried to hack my lenovo Z70-80 with no success! I've some questions and I've tried to answer it reading some thread in the forum but I'm so confused ahah UEFI or BIOS? anyone can link me anything to understand if for my...
  19. wajdideutscher

    Battery Indicator on ASUS X555L

    Finally found half way solution to all my problems in Hackintosh, but one last thing, each time I patch the ACPI kext (Inject a downloaded one) the system goes on Panic when reboot, So I avoided this but I do still need to have a fully working battery indicator cause if my PC battery drain...
  20. adamsulfer

    Can I Install Sierra On Asus XA44LF i5-5200U GT930M

    Hello dude. i want to dual boot os win7 with macos sierra. my laptop Asus and the spec is i5 - 5200U (Broadwell) Nvidia GT930M how to step-by-step to install? anyone success without any problem ? and what the problem you got ? thanks