broadwell laptop

  1. vickysonata94

    Stuck at Kernal panic while trying to boot into MacOS Catalina

    Hey guys, I am trying to install MACOS Catalina in my lenovo g50 80 i7 laptop. I followed the guide. I solved most of my previous problems using the troubleshooting methods in this guide (previously it was not even booting :p ). But...
  2. AnonymousMacPC

    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 3543 - macOS 10.14.X - Broadwell (i3-5005u)

    05/07/19 - I said I would discontinue but looking through the SetupIFR file, I stumbled upon this variable, S3 Video Repost Variable: 0x89, by default this is disabled. Need some testers to set it to 0x1. 04/09/19 - I will discontinue support for the Dell Inspiron 3543 until new edit. Best of...
  3. sithinjatyler

    How do I get a working DSDT HP Pavilion 15-r210dx

    Ok, so I've tried to get this laptop completely working as a Hackintosh, and so far have been successful with getting the following to work: -Graphics -Battery -PS/2 Keyboard and trackpad -USB 3.0 -Both CPU cores without the need for cpus=1 -smbios -SSDT Things that are NOT working: -Screen...
  4. macintoshvatsalya

    Can Get into installer screen (EL capitan)

    I have Broadwell laptop and I Face problem to getting to see installer screen you will see specs here so problem is if I use Rehabman Config plist HD5500 one. it give me some framebuffer error but it too fast that it will reboot automatically so after doing some other try i boot WITHOUT inject...
  5. setniessesed

    HP Pavilion X360 Broadwell I3 Installation fail

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking for your support after two weeks of frustrating efforts trying to install El Capitan on my new HP Pavilion X360 13-s003nl. It has a Broadwell Core I3 5010U with infamous Intel HD 5500 (0x1616006) and 4GB DDR3 Single Channel 1600Mhz. I followed Rehabman's guide and...
  6. skyon

    [Help]Acer aspire E5-573G Kernel panic

    Been trying to find a solution to this for 3 days now and cannot find a way to fix this kernel panic Please Help.