brightness slider

  1. Binuk

    Brightness slider is there but no control

    Hello Hackintoshers I installed Big Sur in my laptop, which is an acer. Everything is working. But the brightness slider in system preferences is there but it cannot control the display brightness. When I drag it left or right nothing happens. I currently use an app called Brightness Slider to...
  2. krishnapal

    Can't increase brightness intel hd5500

    how to fix brightness issue in my hackintosh ? my current brightness level is only 20% it's hard to work
  3. robi10101298

    Acer Aspire VX5 brightness slider not working

    Hello! I have followed your guide for patching the backlight step by step but unfortunatelly it's not working and I don't know why... I attached you the files that u requested. Thanks! Also, I forgot to mention that the slider it's present but it's not working, the brightness it always stays at...
  4. antsapanda

    Aspire E1-572 Sound problem

    I have recently installed MacOS Sierra and El Capitan on my laptop, but I can't find a way to get it working. I have even used VoodooHDA but it gives me a kernel panic. I tried the AppleHDA Patcher. I've been trying to get brightness control working without success. I tried ACPIBacklight.kext...
  5. paradiaowner

    [solved] can't change brighness keys control

    Hi, I run Yosemite on my laptop acer travel mate 5760 with i7-2630QM 8GB ram hd3000 atheros wifi.. all works almost perfectly instead of brightness control. My laptop have audio on Fn+arrows (up&down) that works good and Fn+arrows(left&right) for brightness control. Now there's the problem the...
  6. gooki

    ADC Cinema Display Brightness Fix Mavericks

    I have an older ADC Cinema Display with an adapter connected with DVI and USB. It is known that Apple has removed all "Legacy" displays from Mavericks. As for now this kext works, the brightness slider is back, with the brightness button on the display launching System Preferences. There is...