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    Fix Brightness Controls on macOS Catalina 10.15.6

    I’m unable to fix the brightness control on my laptop rocking macOS Catalina 10.15.6 with OC 0.5.9 What I know so far is that to fix the controls I had to place SSDT-PNLF.aml inside ACPI folder with GPU address replaced with the one shown under Bios Device Name in Device Manager. Turns out the...
  2. nooliga

    Lenovo Yoga C930 - Brightness key - I need help

    Hi guys, just upgraded to Catalina, everything is running pretty well except I can not patch brightness key at all, I just can't do it, used Rehabman guide and the Acpidebug gives no respond in the console app, (dsdt patched step by step) I've seen rehabman telling somewhere it may be a GPLA...
  3. nooliga

    Dsdt is a cruel area - Help with remapping brightness keys

    hi there, im struggling for 5 days straight with remapping brightness keys for Lenovo C930 I read every manual out there and I know Rehabman URLs by heart, buy I really just cant do it, I dont know, Maybe I am dumb I managed to overcome 9 problems in the dsdt, but right after I just cant find...
  4. luannt191

    VoodooPS2Controller not working with brightness hotkey on asus gl753ve

    I have seen instructions on how to debug the keyboard in system.log, although I pressed the key but nothing happened
  5. gwinilts

    Unusual ACPI Backlight Control Issue

    Hey I've been working on a hack build for a few days. It is a dell G3 series, 17 inch model. Processor: i5-8300H, 8GB ddr4 w/ Intel UHD 630 & Nvidia GTX 1050 (disabled) I've been following guides to patch DSDT to emit PS2K codes to control backlight level. I've identified the method called...
  6. iAnil

    Brightness keys not working in HP Pavilion 15-n208tx

    Almost everything working fine except Brightness keys. need help...debug report attached.
  7. renzo971917

    Problems with FN key brightness and volumen

    Hi! I found a problem in my hackintosh. It is about the fn keys when I try to change the brightness and volume. It work slow as it can be watch in the video. Someone could help me? Thanks in advance.
  8. 2eno

    Inspiron 15 7559 Brightness Key Remap

    I successfully installed brightness slider for my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 UHD running high Sierra. Now I want to map F11 / F12 Key for it. So I followed this guide: With the ACPIDebug tool I found...
  9. applelappala

    Remapping Brightness Keys

    I have working DSDT brightness patch and I am using VoodooPS2Controller.kext , but some of the Keyboard Fn+Keys are not correct like Fn+F5 and Fn+F7 ... Fn+F12 where Fn+F11 and Fn+12 are brightness keys on my laptop but I need to press F14 and F15 for brightness i.e. Fn+B and Fn+S which is...
  10. darshankath

    Help,ACPIDegug is not working on Lenovo Ideapad 320E

    I have successfully installed High Sierra 10.13 on my Lenovo Ideapad 320E. Now I'm fixing brightness key control using ACPIDebug.In windows I use Fn+F11 and Fn+F12 to decrease and increase brightness respectively. I've read through and followed this guide...
  11. ta-bas-co

    Software control K811 Logitech keyboard light

    Hi all, I've got this great mac K811 Logitech bluetooth keyboard. It has some keys to set keyboard illumination. My goal is to make a script to enable the keyboard lit keys after sunset, and disable the light after sunrise. My approach got me stuck at a very early stage; recording the...
  12. EverythingIsRed

    [solved] Remapping brightness keys

    My laptop uses ACPI methods to for the brightness keys. However, both keys only end up increasing brightness. Method (_Q63, 0, NotSerialized) { Notify (PS2K, 0x0406) //Brightness down } Method (_Q62, 0, NotSerialized) {...
  13. EverythingIsRed

    [solved] Remapping brightness keys

    I use RehabMan's version of VoodooPS2Controller and my keyboard generates PS2 codes. The PS2 code generated for F2/F3 (brightness down/up) are 3c and 3d. My issue is: VoodooPS2Keyboard->Info.plist->IOKitPersonalities->ApplePS2Keyboard->Platform Profile lists a few manufacturers and I'm not...
  14. draggem

    Brightness Keys Control | Card Reader

    Hi there anyone? :beachball: I Have HP G6 with 2nd Gen Sandy-Bridge i5 core 2.49Ghz, with Intel HD 3000 Graphics Card OS X: Mavericks 10.9.4 What works: Battery Icon on menubar Intel HD Graphics USB x3 Trackpad HDA (Synaptics) Brightness and brightness control with system prefs slider (I...