bootloader issue

  1. erwin9

    Gigabyte Z170X UD5 TH - Intel HD 530 Graphics - Install Problem

    Hello Forum, first of all i dont like to write new threads and i searched for a solution, even tried other variations, but it just doesnt work. I want to use the Z170X Board with the internal graphics. My BIOS used to work but with all this trying it is messed up (e.g need to unplug the Mac SSD...
  2. Mouwcat

    High Sierra Installer will not find my ssd

    when in the Mac OS high Sierra installer trying to format my boot drive (a 250 gig ssd) I have no internal drives on my list available to format, although if I try to set up raid, my drive shows up. they both also show up within my bios. my rig consists of a i5 7600 on an asrock H270M-ITX/ac...
  3. Ajbros2

    Cannot Boot from my El Capitan SSD no more :(

    I was trying to fix my icloud, facetime and imessage on my hackintosh by following iDiot's Guide to imessage. I created a new config.plist file and instead of choosing mac pro (what i originally put to define the system) i chose imac 4790k to see if that would solve the problem I tried and...
  4. zhamez

    Driver Instalation Issues

    I recently completed my first hackintosh. For the most part thanks to this site everything is running smoothly. Or I should say it was. I have three main issues. 1. Nvidia Web Driver is not working properly. I installed the web driver. My computer is recognizing the video card in about this...
  5. Dreadblockz

    Bootloader problems

    So, i've installed OSX Sierra and Windows 10 on the same SSD. They both work when i access them separately via boot menu. With the clover bootloader i get Sierra to run every time, but it wont startup windows. What should i do ? Ive already tried the legacy bootloader, it still starts Sierra...
  6. JordanFloyd97

    Please help! Memory Allocation Error!

    Hey guys, Thanks for taking a look at my post! I've been having a really difficult time trying to get this to work, I tried to go everywhere else before I went and bothered the forums but there has been no luck.:banghead: Heres the Issue: I built a new rig based off parts from TonyMac, Specs...