bootloader help

  1. kappyprasad

    Reboot on Bootloader Clover - Kernel Panic..

    Hi guys, Having trouble identifying the cause of the issue, when I select boot macOS install from Install macOS High Sierra it loads gets to about halfway and reboots the computer. BIOS - VT-d = disabled - No CFG-Lock in BIOS - No Secure Boot Mode in BIOS - No Option to Set OS Mode - No IO...
  2. darthluke8989

    cannot get boot loader on ssd

    i need help i have a intel dp35dp and i successfully installed el cap. i can boot off the usb then boot off hdd. i need a boot loader tried clover installer and nothing. please i need to use that usb for other things and need to be able to use the desktop with mac osx. i need this for school so...
  3. rusl1337

    How to boot wothout usb flash drive [Guide](clover)

    Hi there!))) This is funny guide for every user who got a problem with booting (bootloop) without installation usb drive: ˙ step 1, happy instalation of osx and first boot from usb's bootloader ˙ step 2, if u got clover bootloader on usb, download and install to your hard drive ˙ step 3...
  4. matmercy

    [SOLVED] asrock Z87 no bootable device

    Hi all, i have instaled mac os 10.12.5 on my pc, after installing the clover EFI on the HDD bootloader i'm unable to boot in to mac os again. when i select the EFI partition of the USB the clover EFI bootloader works fine. does anyone fave a solution?
  5. zhamez

    Driver Instalation Issues

    I recently completed my first hackintosh. For the most part thanks to this site everything is running smoothly. Or I should say it was. I have three main issues. 1. Nvidia Web Driver is not working properly. I installed the web driver. My computer is recognizing the video card in about this...
  6. SycloneX

    1080p Clover Bootloader with non UEFI graphics card?

    Hey there, first i have to thank you. Installed my first Hackintosh in the last 3 days and without this forum i didn't got it. Everything is working now (Audio too *juhei*). Last problem is a cosmetic one. My Clover bootloader always boots in 1024x768 or so. It gets stretched and looks quite...
  7. nebulous

    [PROGRESS] GA-Z97X-UD7 TH / i5-4690K / 8GB RAM

    I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I've been running Mavericks in a VM on my laptop for the last year or so. Last month I finally got a minimal, but functioning, desktop build together. I have Windows 7 Ultimate on a 120GB SSD and am having a ton of trouble getting Mavericks to play nice...