bootloader fail

  1. RetroRocker

    [SOLVED] Multibeast doesn't appear to do anything? no bootloader at all, no drivers (sound etc)

    So I've performed a fresh install of Catalina 10.15.7 in order to update my very old Hackintosh build (its been running Sierra for years), and the installation seemed to work pretty well (following the guide to the letter of course :geek:), until time came to cut the USB boot umbilical. I ran...
  2. matthijsb

    It's all gone

    hi everyone, I tried updating mac os x with the guide, did everything that was required. After updating Clover and rebooting, the mac osx was gone in the bootloader and now I cant boot into mac anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't have a mac.
  3. ddklassen

    Black Screen when trying to install OSX Mojave through Clover Bootloader (Asus Z390-A)

    I finally attempted to build my hackintosh, based on the guides provided here, and I have run into my first major snag that has forced my hand into registering for this site and begging the community for help. First off, thanks to everyone for getting me this far, anyone who has contributed to...
  4. Brian55

    Black Screen after Apple Logo

    Greetings everyone. This is my my first build, and I started with a very simple configuration, a recomended Aorus Z390 i gaming wifi with a Samsung EVO 970 SSD, 16Gb memory and since I have pretty modest graphic demands, I was planning on using the onboard Intel 630 GPU. Everything was fine...
  5. Junaid6305

    Stuck on Gigabyte Splash Screen

    I’ve had my build working fine for months. Now out of nowhere when I try boot into my hackintosh SSD I get stuck on the gigabyte splash screen, it doesn’t even load Clover. I haven’t done any updates or anything else recently. I tried using the install usb to load the boot loader, initially it...
  6. kappyprasad

    [Solved] ACPI Errors when booting installer

    Hello guys, I am getting these errors from the bootloader. anyone got any ideas how to resolve this one? (screenshots attached) ** not sure why the clover config images show upside down once uploaded**
  7. kappyprasad

    Reboot on Bootloader Clover - Kernel Panic..

    Hi guys, Having trouble identifying the cause of the issue, when I select boot macOS install from Install macOS High Sierra it loads gets to about halfway and reboots the computer. BIOS - VT-d = disabled - No CFG-Lock in BIOS - No Secure Boot Mode in BIOS - No Option to Set OS Mode - No IO...
  8. subirats345

    Problem after update

    Hi guys! I'm new on Hackintosh and I have a little problem (I think it's little). Yesterday I made my first hackintosh on a Xiaomi Notebook Air. All went well, but after an update (from High Sierra to 10.13.4) after the first reboot, in the bootloader doesn't appear nothing. I tried with the USB...
  9. sdburt

    High Sierra boot loader stuck halfway for Asus Prime H270-Plus w/ KabyLake

    Hello Community. First off, I am a noob at this and this is my first build. I run an Asus Prime H270-Plus Motherboard, Crucial Ram, NVidea GTX 1050 Graphics, and Intel i5-7400 CPU (KabyLake). The problem is when I start the boot loader to install. The loader goes about half to a bit past half...
  10. PacDeMan

    Can't Reach The Bootloader

    Hello, as the title says I'm struggling reaching the bootloader. I've booth used Clover and Unibeast in every possible configuration, (both for MBR and gpt) both UEFI and LEGACY. Both formatted in different MBR and GPT tried booth of them. And yes i've tried using both F11 to choose what device...
  11. cescotakeoff

    Clover USB Test - Can't get back to Chimera

    Hi friends, i tried Clover with the USB Test. It didn't work, i'm not an expert so i don't know why. The fact is that when i removed the USB drive to return to chimera boot, it keeps booting with Clover and it hangs every time. Anyone can help please?
  12. TomMan7531

    Bootloader Question

    Hi, So I have just installed Sierra (not using Unibest) and as of right now I am booting off a clover boot loader built onto the memory stick with the install bits. I have just done a fresh install as when I used Multibeast it broke the system, same happens when using stand alone version of...
  13. Diamondmac

    Gigabyte GA-X58A-OC i can´t boot without nv_disable=1 -f

    hi, am trying to install mavericks for first time but i cant boot whitout the flag nv_disable=1 and -f i dont know why i tried every forum already and thats why im stating this one, by the way my graphics card its a ecs geforce 9800 of 1gb thanks a lot for any possible help
  14. dotpage

    Can't get any boot loader to "stick"

    People of TMX86, I need some help.. I installed 10.10 on a 2 years old HP Pro (i3, 4GB, 1TB, Cupertino2 motherboard(how ironic), etc..) from a current unibeast installer, all went perfect with exception of an unsupported audio chipset that is being replaced by a USB sound card and this: The...