booting issues

  1. bryanL

    Freezing on load screen when booting

    My computer started freezing on power-up. It goes through these first two screens just fine, like usual: But then it freezes on the third screen with the apple logo and progress bar: Normally at this screen, the progress bar will fill up halfway, and then OSX starts. But currently, it...
  2. othernoise

    << Solved >> Booting problems with Mojave 10.14.6

    Hi all, Two years ago i build my hackintosh (runs on Mojave 10.14.6) and it all went very well. Since then i used it on a daily basis and it seemed that after one year the booting process became slower and slower (First it took approx. 30sec and a week ago it took 3min). Today i tried to boot...
  3. Visualart

    Boot Stuck

    how to fix
  4. ThePromisedEnd

    Having trouble with mac os high sierra booting

    Hello guy this is my first build and my first hackintosh Computer Parts i7 3770k asrock z77 mobo evga 1080 I turned these bios setting off serial i/o VD-T Intel Virtualization Tech My problem is that when I use the UEFI on the USB to boot it up to the apple logo loading screen it starts...
  5. mustyaslan99

    Hackintosh not booting up.

    Hey, this is my second day after setinss up hackintosh and now after clover bootloader I get this lines and it just reboots. Is there any suggestions to fix this? PLRASP HELP ASAP
  6. JazStox

    System doesn't boot after installation.

    Hey Folks So I just put together my first Hackintosh. When it turned on I installed High Sierra without a worry and ran MultiBeast to do the post-Installation. So Far so good. I installed everything but wasn't sure which Graphics driver to install for my Onboard GPU (Coffee Lake 8700K), so I...
  7. CFAvendano

    OS X Sierra won't load

    Hello, I built a hackintosh using Gigabyte H170N-WiFi i5 6500 Samsung 500 SSD It was working fine but when I powered it on today it would not go past the apple logo at start up. Tried going into -x and -v but nothing happened. How can I fix that or at least recover the files I already have on...
  8. DanZi

    Asus Z87-Plus - won't boot from UEFI? What is wrong? - RESOLVED

    Hey Folks, I am struggling with the sierra installer to get my Z87-Plus mobo booting. 1. using Disk utility to erase and GUID partition with OSX journaled 2. Unibeast 7.0.1 creates the install media as per Tony's guide (I do inject NVIDIA cos I have a GTX 960 card) 3. copying MultiBeast 9.0.1...
  9. Artisan

    computer repeatedly turning off and on URGENT

    So, I have accidentally removed the power cord from the computer, i have turned the computer on and some issues started to arise, the computer started freezing every 1-2minutes, and after a while when i was trying to uninstall mac and revert back to windows, there are even more issues. Right now...
  10. brainstormer

    What's wrong with GraphicsEnabler Flag

    Hi folks, I just upgraded my system to Mavericks. I have been using SL, Lion and ML prior to this and never had to use the GraphicsEnabler flag until now. I needed "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" to boot in and even after installing the required kexts from Multibeast I noticed I still needed tis flag...
  11. BudCrow

    New Snow Leopard Build - Occasionally will not boot

    Hey, so I had a fully functioning SL build (went with 10.6.8 cause of support). Everything is fine, expect that every fourth time the computer stops booting. It just sits there at the Apple logo with no spining countdown timer. It will boot into safe mode in this state. I'm running an OCZ...