booting issue.

  1. Charliehere

    Reseting NVRAM to fix AirPlay and Booting

    Hello there, So, I have 2 small problems with my Hackintosh (macOS High Sierra): 1. AirPlay doesn't work properly - when I try to stream a music from my Hackintosh to AppleTV, it does work without any problem, but the icon in toolbar (The icon that appears when screen mirroring is avaiable)...
  2. zalador

    Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND

    Hi, i have been stuck with this problem for 6 hours now, and can't fix it still. I have looked on all websites and they all say i need to set XHCI Handoff to Enabled, however that doesn't exist in my asos BIOS. Anyone had this problem and solved it?
  3. dr.floyd

    Problem booting after replacing MoBo with same model.

    Hello guys, Just replaced my MoBo Gigabyte Z270X Ultra Gaming after failing with the exact same one but nor old internal High Sierra installation nor the installer from USB will boot. I believe I've made the necessary steps on BIOS settings but maybe I'm forgetting something .... Hope...
  4. Lightdust

    [Solved] RX580 Booting problem on High Sierra

    Hi, I've got problem when booting with the RX580. When i connect it into the PCIE slot, even if i'm using the HD 530 IGPU (i7 6700K) , the PC become stuck with the "IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3,hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0. When i use the GPU output (HDMI), the screen become Black at around...
  5. ThePromisedEnd

    Having trouble with mac os high sierra booting

    Hello guy this is my first build and my first hackintosh Computer Parts i7 3770k asrock z77 mobo evga 1080 I turned these bios setting off serial i/o VD-T Intel Virtualization Tech My problem is that when I use the UEFI on the USB to boot it up to the apple logo loading screen it starts...
  6. Ferri

    High Sierra can't load after installation

    Could someone help me with this, I could boot from USB and install Mac is but I can't boot to actual hdd Got i5 7600k Asus h270f Integrated GPU (hd630)
  7. JazStox

    System doesn't boot after installation.

    Hey Folks So I just put together my first Hackintosh. When it turned on I installed High Sierra without a worry and ran MultiBeast to do the post-Installation. So Far so good. I installed everything but wasn't sure which Graphics driver to install for my Onboard GPU (Coffee Lake 8700K), so I...
  8. Pankajkainthla

    Hackintosh usb booting to old hackintosh partition

    I have sierra hackintosh on my hdd . I want to install new hackintosh on my new ssd . But when i boot with my usb drive it boots direct to my hdd hackintosh . If i remove my hdd from pc , then clover dont show any drives in the boot menu .