1. Manfrix070598

    Usb bootable with EFI folder

    Hi all, I lost my usb stick with the EFI folder inside. Since I use it to test the kext, I need to create a new one. I tried to format the new usb as "Mac OS extended (journaled)" and then copy the EFI folder inside it, but when I try to boot from this usb nothing happen. Is there a way to...
  2. chriistailor

    Stuck on Apple Logo!!! HP 250 G3

    Hey! Please give some advice, cause i feel i am lost... I think i tried everything with Unibeast, Clover,and it's the same problem. I have a HP 250 G3 with Intel Celeron and i want to use Mac Os High Sierra (or lower) and i made a bootable USB following this guide...
  3. atrbx5

    Creating bootable usb, efi partition not get created

    i am using unibeast 9 USB flash drive And Mojave’s install Unibeast completes successful but if I open clover config no efi partition on that drive
  4. Bapple

    How to De-Hackintosh my PC

    Hey guys, I'm moving and there's a good chance that I'll be selling my computer rather than taking it with me, which means that I need to take Mac OS off and put Windows 10 back on. I've created a windows 10 flash drive, and while my Asus Z97-M Plus recognizes the flash drive, I can't boot...
  5. imanono

    Directly Update to Sierra from Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion?

    I desire a very special way to get MacOS Sierra on my Toshiba Satellite S875-S7140 Laptop. May I use a snow leopard disk for my bootable media and directly upgrade from there? Laptop Specs: CPU i7 3630qm 2.4ghz, 1tb hard drive, Intel HD4000 Graphics, no dedicated GPU. I'm able to update with...
  6. demiankz

    Unable to Boot (or properly create) Bootable USB backup disk, High Sierra

    Used SuperDuper to clone internal, APFS-formatted SSD containing fresh, working High Sierra 10.13.1 install onto freshly formatted HFS+J external USB HDD (linked via working USB 2 port) Used most recent version of Clover to install Clover onto same external USB Replaced USB EFI folder with...
  7. beps5544

    bootable usb problem

    Hi! Sorry in advance if this isn't the correct category. but I'm a new member here and don't how it exactly works. I have a problem with my bootable USB, I installed correctly the installation via UniBeast but my BIOS doesn't read it. The funny fact is that the first two times I tried to...
  8. wymillerlinux

    Upgrading to El Capitan - Need Advice/Help

    Hello all, First off, I hope I'm posting in the correct section. If a moderator moves me, that would be helpful. Thank you tonymacx86 and moderators for the wonderful forum. Okay, so I'm on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and I'm looking to upgrade (to El Capitan) via bootable USB. But I'm...
  9. mistikbeaver

    UniBeast Installation USB-Stick not bootable

    Dear, First of all, thanks for having such an active community with mods and admins. Also thanks for taking your time to read through my post. I’ll appreciate your help with my issue greatly! I work in IT Support, so I know my way around PCs quite a bit, but I am pretty fresh to...
  10. aim4chaos

    windows 10 usb ... halp! I have tired everything

    For brevity I won't list every method i have tired but it does get creative! All to no avail. I cannot get a windows 10 USB that will boot. I am trying to install windows 10 onto a separate SSD The three main problems I've had, 'insert proper media' (I felt like inserting a punch to the...
  11. FujikiNoShi

    Unibeast USB not recognised by bios

    Hi guys, I'm having a bit of a problem. I've created multiple el capitan usb install usb's (on multiple usb-sticks) using Unibeast(and without Unibeast). And so far, none of these installer usb's are recognised by my bios. When I mean not being recognised i mean that it is not showing up at all...
  12. jared1016

    DELL XPS M1330 Hackintosh (PLEASE READ!)

    Hey everyone! I want to hackintosh my Dell XPS m1330 I already know its compatible, (The only real downfall is a kernal panic on shutdown, or restart.. or so i've heard) the reason i come here is because this is all I have to hackintosh A USB Stick 2GB A 8GB SD Card A DVD W/ OSX Snow...
  13. evanhindra

    Clover (with 10.10) won't boot from Fusion Drive, USB only. Asus Sabertooth Z77

    Hey guys, I've been trying to figure out why my Hackintosh won't boot from Fusion Drive; and it'll only boot from the Clover USB stick I made. My current setup: • Asus Sabertooth Z77, with UEFI secure booting set to "Other OS" (if set into Windows, the motherboard won't boot into Clover at...
  14. rafaelfragoso

    Create Mavericks Bootable USB in Windows 8.1

    I have the current configuration: Intel Core i5-4430 3.2Ghz (Haswell) Onboard Graphics Intel HD4600 Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z87M-D3H Corsair 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz 2x8GB Kingston SSD 120GB Logitech C270 Web Camera Windows 8.1 Pro (original) I want to make a bootable Mavericks pendrive so...
  15. robertwigfield

    How to use carbon copy cloner with 10.9 mavericks

    What is the process to use carbon copy cloner? I've heard different things about it won't work because there is no boot loader or something. I'm just curious. How can I make a bootable back up for my 10.9 hackintosh?
  16. chesspig

    Creating Bootable USB for Ivy Bridge—Sl—ML install.

    Hello, first post, first Hac. I'm having trouble creating a bootable to even get started. I have access to two laptops runing SL 10.6.8. I feel like i'm missing something in the guides ... step 13. Destination Select only shows the internal drive of the laptop. tried both laptops and multiple...