bootable drive

  1. aniskhan001

    Copy of apfs.efi failed: Creating High Sierra installation media from Catalina

    This looks like an old issue that has a fix. However, I think my case here is different. Please read the post. :!: The USB stick is formatted as GPT :!: I'm trying to make a bootable disk for macOS High Sierra :!: The machine I'm using to create the bootable disk has macOS Catalina installed...
  2. archienorman11

    First time, looking to build a hackintosh with a portable OS.

    Hi, I currently use an iMac 5k at work and Macbook Pro elsewhere. I have just started playing with having just the one Mac OS running on a portable USB and keeping it on me so no matter where I am, I can pick up where I left off. I picked up a WD Passport SSD 512GB and installed my OS on it...
  3. demindevassy

    How to format USB DRIVE that we used for installation!!

    I would appreciate if you help to assist me!! I created bootable MBR USB for Mavericks and one another Uefi clover disk for El Capitan..Now we cannot reuse or format both USBs..I searched on internet throughout a year..couldn't find solutions yet.tried codes on terminal it's says permission...
  4. zhanming

    HELPP! system uptime in nanoseconds!!!

    Hi, im currently tryin to boot to the os x install of sierra (10.12.1) tried npci=0x2000, -v, graphicsenabler=no, usekernelcache=no theres a screenshot
  5. josh.jennings

    Problems with installing Win 7 on 10.11 Hackintosh

    I'm having quite a bit of difficulty with booting to the installer USB with Windows 7 in a dual-boot setup with my hackintosh 10.11.2. My hardware/software setup is: Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 (Legacy and UEFI modes both enabled) i5-4690 120GB SATA SSD with Mac already installed 250GB SATA HDD that...