1. rav3lo

    Cant boot into Yosemite 10.10.5 with Boot1=error

    So Ive had my work Mac Mini since about 2014~2015 with Yosemite 10.10.5 and have never updated it (i dont even remember how i installed it). Today i wake up to a Boot1=error and ive tried a few things already to attempt to solve the issue, but no luck. My specs: -H97N-WIFI -BIOS F9 -HD4600...
  2. johnnyforhair

    Can t reach Clover installer USB (boot1 error)

    Hi, i have a partitioned ssd running 10.8 + chimera. I m trying to install El capitan + Unibeast(Clover) following the guide. My USB use Master Boot Record (MBR) (i tried guid with no luck) and Legacy Mode. When i choose usb to boot from i get "boot1 /boot 5". I tried different usb2 ports...
  3. milla9

    Boot0 error and Boot1 Error after activating file vault

    Hello, I tried activating filevault on my hackintosh but then started getting boot errors on startup. I can boot into the os with my unibeast usb but not normally. I have uploaded a screenshot of the first error (several boot 0 messages) I was getting and then i followed this guide...
  4. ScrumpDaddy

    Boot1 Error on Yosemite USB Clover

    I get to "STEP 3: Install OS X Yosemite" I start from the USB stick and I get the boo1 error. Not from the 4K hard drive, but the Installer USB. Please help. I used the newest version of clover. Thank You
  5. duodenit

    boot1: error

    Hi! Created USB with UniBeast 1.5.0, got boot1: error on all 4 hackintoshes I have. Where to start debug, please?