boot0: error

  1. jasilby 1

    Boot0: GPT error at boot

    I have just finsihed a clean install of Yosemite on a Z77-wifi build and keep getting this error "Boot0: GPT, boot0: test, boot0: test, boot0: test, boot0: GPT, boot0:test, boot0:test, boot0:test, boot0: error" I have a fusion drive setup from my previous Mavericks build that I am using and it...
  2. mladouceur29

    Boot0: error after multibeast installation. ML

    Hey everyone. This is my first build and it's been going well but I'm hung up on the infamous boot0: error after using multibeast. I tried using the official guide: I got hung up on trying to unmount the disk with ML on it. When I...
  3. ExZONE

    Cannot boot without UniBeast, help me please.

    Cannot boot without UniBeast, I've tried MacMan's guide. Help! So, I've been going for pretty much 40 hours straight trying to get this thing working. :headbang: I've almost reached my goal but I'm not there just yet and I'm hoping for someone here to be wise and able to help. I've followed...