1. chrisherman

    HP x360 cd1009na Catalina installation problems

    Hi there, coming from this thread ("HP x360 14-ba145ns Catalina installation problems") and followed advice so far, but finally stuck at the boot screen. it's my first osx86 since years and not familiar w/ clover and config.plist wizardry, so would totally welcome help. not really sure what to...
  2. TechSandvich

    Sierra install fail on Intel Pentium G4560 and geforce gt 1030

    I am trying to install sierra on my system, my config is : CPU :Intel Pentium G4560 GPU : Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 Motherboard : MSI H110 Pro VD Plus my monitor is VGA only so i am using VGA to HDMI connector from my gt 1030 to my monitor (HDMI part of the converter is plugged to the card and VGA...
  3. alecande11

    [PROBLEM] Clover boot only from the USB

    I try to install an hackintosh (macOS Sierra) in dual-boot with windows on my MSI GF628RE Laptop, the OS is installed in an external hard drive connected to the computer via a USB 3.0 port. Everything works and I used MultiBeast to install the various drivers and Clover in the HDD, but when I...
  4. alecande11

    macOS Sierra boot only with the installation usb

    I try to install an hackintosh (macOS Sierra) in dual-boot with windows on my MSI GF628RE Laptop, the OS is installed in an external hard drive connected to the computer via a USB 3.0 port. Everything works and I used MultiBeast to install the various drivers and Clover in the HDD, but when I...
  5. peronajo

    Can't boot Mojave installer: stuck at apfs_module_start:1393

    Hello everyone, I've been following RehabMan's guide to boot the osx Mojave installer on a Asus VivoBook S14 laptop, but i get stuck at the line apfs_module_start:1393, what could be the problem? I've attached my EFI folder. Thanks in advance.
  6. nobin118960

    Gigabyte Z390 Gaming SLI failed boot from install media

    I am new to Hackintosh.. Recently I am trying to install Macos mojave in my pc. But I failed several times.. My configuration is..... Motherboard : Gigabyte Z390 Gaming SLI /// Bios version F4 Processor : Intel Core i7 8700K Graphics : Intel HD 630 I followed many Guides from here but none of...
  7. Patant17

    Solved > El Capitan "+++++++" and Then Soft Restart

    Hello everyone, So I've been having this problem ever since I upgraded my CPU from a 4690k to a 4770k where it will show the first few strings of booting until it gets to the row of plus signs, then the screen goes black and it restarts. I've looked around and didn't find anything that managed...
  8. MPG951

    how to triple boot by adding 3rd SSD drive with Mojave?

    I currently have Sierra + Windows on separate SSD drives since 2016. What would be the process for installing Mojave on a third internal SSD. I tried installing mojave to an external SSD but I could not finish the install process as the bootloader does not show the Mojave SSD after restarting...
  9. BlvckBytes

    Random panics on boot

    Hello! To be honest... I don't understand how something like this can happen at all. Why do panics occur randomly? Shouldn't the system be in a definite state all the time? Or maybe it has something to do with the state it gets put in when shutting down... Okay, now to the topic: Before those...
  10. shanike

    High Sierra won't boot after BIOS update

    I had a working X99 working setup with 10.13.5, but after an flashing my ASUS X99-A/USB 3.1 bios from 3902 to version 4101, my boot process began to stuck at this point: after a considerable wait, the GUI is somewhat display in the form of a sole cursor in the top left corner: after that...
  11. ByKiwito

    Non-mounting disk

    Hello everyone! I've got a Hackintosh for 2 days with i7 4770k, 16GB DDR3 1866 kingston, nvidia GeForce gtx 1050 2GB and a KINGSTON UV500 240GB SSD disk. The problem appears when the hackintosh don't mount the disk and is not recognised by clover bootloader. What I must do?
  12. dinz14

    Installed Catalina but can't boot to it from Clover...

    Hi all, i've got a fully working build of Mojave 10.14.6 on 1x NVME ('MacOS Drive'). I have now cloned that (including the EFI folder which was copied to the new drive after cloning) onto another NVME ('TEMP MacOS Drive') so I can install Catalina onto this 'TEMP' drive to test if it works...
  13. FabiGerm

    Need help: booting stops. no clue why (move, z370n, i5-8400

    Hey Guys, i have the following Problem: I made the install-USB Stick, the system shows the clover menu and i start booting from the stick. Afterwards it starts to install but stops at the following stage (shown int he picture). I have no idea how to solve it. My System: Gigabyte Z370N Wifi...
  14. ByKiwito

    Freezed while starting

    Hi friends. I've got a i7 4770k GTX 1050 16GB RAM SSD computer and I successfully installed MacOS High Sierra. After That I installed nvidia drivers for the GTX and the computer was working well. I had restarted for many times and nothing happend. The problem come's in when you have to shutdown...
  15. dirtydignity

    Catalina Setup won't start. Stuck at PTID Sensors. Error with Dell SMM Signature.

    I downloaded Catalina on my Hackintosh that is running Mojave 10.14.6 supplemental update 2. The Installer downloads and runs fine. It reboots and I selected the "Install macOS from disk name". It starts but immediately stops at PTIDSensors: started. I looked at the verbose logs above and the...
  16. HitmanCeon

    How to determine what boot I am using?

    Hey... what is the quickest/simplest way of determining which disk the clover you are currently using is on? I have a ton of different disks connected to the machine(including 3 internal disks), and several different instances of clover, how can I quickly see what clover/what disk I have booted...
  17. redbearaz

    Mojave Installed........sort of

    I was able to get Mojave installed(I verified the hard drive) but I need the the USB to boot into it. Will running MultiBeast fix the issue? Or can it be done thru the Terminal? I really don't wanna reinstall again but can if I really need to. Also under MultiBeast SMBIOS iMac 17.1 is listed...
  18. AdrianTucker

    Solved > 1 Year Hackintosh without issues suddenly does not boot

    Hello, I have not much experience in the hackintosh world, I built mine following guides at tonymac with detail. I built my Hackintosh a year ago under High Sierra, then I uploaded to mojave, everithing working fine! Today as every single day I turned it on and started working in my stuff...
  19. Barley194

    I reinstalled my windows and probably removed clover (no access to macOS)

    Hi, I formatted my windows partitions (all, efi, recovery etc). But I did not touch my macOS partition. (it's on the same disk). Now, after installing fresh windows 10, when I start my PC, it instantly goes to windows. Tried all available boot devices and no one booting into clover. I can't even...
  20. gabrielko24

    [Help] ApplePMC: : pubblishedIOPPFF ( ) - failed

    Guys I need your help, and for a week now I've been trying to create a Hackintosh, but every time I get this error : ApplePMC: : pubblishedIOPPFF ( ) - failed I'm in the last step before the home screen of MacOs How can I solve this problem ? I also share the confing.plist file. The my...