1. mlkt

    Very slow boot up.

    First of all, I apologize because English is not my mother tongue. Secondly, I've been reading posts for years and have done several installations over time but I think I'm getting old and this is starting to get on top of me. I have done a fully functional install of Mojave 10.14.6 on an HP...
  2. mordrake

    Stuck at the Apple logo

    Hello All, I am a noob to the Hackintosh world, since two days I am in a fight trying to pass from the boot menu to no success. All the steps in the installation guide were followed, although, CFG-Lock is not available on my BIOS. I have the following system: Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master Intel...
  3. CLFAS

    [SOLVED] MSI GE72 OpenCore Boot Entry Not Found on M.2 SSD in BIOS

    SOLUTION (using bcfg tool in OpenShell for some reason was not adding the entry. The following fixed the issue, but it may have just been the final step which was needed): Reflashed the BIOS then reconfigured to the same settings as stated below. Reset NVRAM via USB OpenCore (same as attached...
  4. blackspot

    Catalina boot problem after Multibeast

    Goodmorning everyone! I follow the guide, install with unibeast e multibeast after installation, when i reboot, i have the message Reboot and Select proper Boot Device :( what did i do wrong? Thanks. Mobo: ASRock Z87 Pro 3 Proc: Intel i7-4790 RAM: 16Gb DDR3 Video: NVidia GTX760 SSD: Samsung...
  5. rimini

    Solved > Sierra - Problem Clover booting the wrong disk/partition

    Hi, I had to move from El Capt to Sierra as my gpu 970 crashed. So I built a Sierra with a 1060 instead. Followed the guide and everything worked nicely. But a week ago i deleted 2 users and their home folder, used Migration Assistant to re install them, and since that when I choose at startup...
  6. jlfocus

    NUC8 in clove-Trying booting , but accidentally click installing macOS then NUC can’t enter the system ,just turn off right after the loading process.

    What a mistake I made! The installing process went on for like 1 or at most 2mins before I turn off the machine, then my world collapsed ,just can't see login anymore. I remember my current system is Catalina 10.15.2 or 3. And I'm okay to if I have to reinstall or upgrade to 10.15.4 or...
  7. neejohh

    [Solved] Stuck at Apple logo

    Hi, My laptop won't boot into the big sur installer. When i launch the installer the apple logo will appear but nothing is happening. When i use verbose boot as a boot arg it only shows: ++++++++++ Does anynone know how to fix this. It could be my config? Specs: Lenovo Ideapad 100-15IBD...
  8. taskrov

    Solved > Big Sur 11.2.1 migrated from OC 0.6.4 to OC 0.6.6 does not boot.

    Need to read the Guide more carefully. The following helped too: OpenCore 0.6.5 > 0.6.6 differences |
  9. Marnix409

    Solved > Cannot start install (Failed to detect supported SuperIO chip)

    Hi! Today I have tried installing OSX catalina on my laptop, using the guide at However, once I tried to actually boot from the bootable usb, I ran into a lot of errors and eventually the boot process froze. Could anyone point me in the right...
  10. jimmyjames1stad

    Lost the ability to boot from installation disc in clover

    Do I am doing the big update from High Sierra to Big Sur. I updated Sierra to the newest version and downloaded Big Sur. I started the process and when the computer reboots, on my Clover boot there is bootmac OS and recovery option but the install from the mounted disc option is not there...
  11. Luka1234

    HP8300 i7 HD4000 boot error

    Can someone help me with my problem? I am newbie and I dont know much about hackintosh, so I am lost. I am getting this problem and I dont know what to do while trying to install Catalina (I’ve tried installing Mojave and High Sierra and getting same error). Does anybody know what to do? I have...
  12. MacDaddy123

    Catalina Boot Help

    I have a working Mojave install. I had a (mostly) working Catalina install, but hosed my config.plist badly. Attached is the working EFI folder from Mojave (as in this config will boot and run Mojave all the live long day, but refuses to start Catalina on the same hardware). Any guidance is much...
  13. B.A.C.H

    [SOLVED] Dell 7577 ACPI errors, cannot boot

    Dear fellow hackintoshers, After a few years of successful use of my dual boot laptop, I had to replace the keyboard, as some keys had connection issues. After the replacement, I started my High Sierra drive a first time and everything went smooth. I started the system a second time and I...
  14. maheshbohara

    [Help] opencore stuck at [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] | Hp spectre

    I have followed the guide to official guide to make efi. I successfully booted using usb and updated to big sur from usb. After successful update to big sur, Booting from usb boot works fine. When booting from internal EFI, after selecting mac os, screen stuck on [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]. Problem...
  15. mtcolleoni

    [HELP] Installation stuck on Apple logo (Dell Inspiron 3268)

    Hello everyone, Every time I boot to clover and click to install macOS Catalina it gives me an stucked Apple logo and nothing even happen. Any idea on how to solve this? Specs: i5-7400 8GB RAM Intel HD630 Dell Motherboard HD 1TB Western Digital
  16. KapnKrunch

    [SOLVED] How do I display unique disk names in the OpenCore boot picker screen (Big Sur)?

    I am running Big Sur 11.0.1 using OpenCore 0.6.3. Using Carbon Copy Cloner, I back up my macOS boot disk (named Macintosh SSD) to three separate disks, which are all APFS formatted, bootable and named: Daily M2 macOS Backup (internal M2) Daily Backup (internal SSD) Weekly Backup (external USB)...
  17. tzacolt

    Sierra upgrade problems

    Hello all, This is my first time posting on this forum, though I've followed the knowledge and guides so generously provided by the tonymacx86 community since 2013. I'm writing to ask for help on my Sierra install. I hadn't updated my OS in years as I felt like thing were working fine and I...
  18. manosvouts

    Dual Boot Mac OS High Sierra And Windows 10

    Ηello guys i need your help. I installed Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 before 2 day on my HP Compaq 8300 Elite, this installation was difficult for me because it was my first. Μany thanks to the tonymacx Forum for the information and the steps they gave me for the installation. I dont know from...
  19. vagwada

    Solved > Black Screen The Shutdown After Installing Zotec Geforce 730

    I've been running this build for four years: - Asus X99 Pro USB 3.1 - Core i7 5820K - 128 GB DDR4 - OS X 10.12.6 I installed a Zotec Geforce 730 recently and after the clover menu, OS X boots, I see all of my peripherals light up, my audio interfaces connect, then I get a black screen, and...
  20. betyar87

    How create bootable EFI?

    Hi! I need help. I installed Big Sur with Open Core. Pc only can boot usb. I copied Open Core EFI files to SSD EFI partition, but cant boot. Only boot usb EFI folder. How I can create EFI boot on SSD? Sorry my english :) thx.