boot up

  1. AngelThMan

    Hard Drive Problem

    My system is suddenly not booting up when my Seagate 3TB internal HD is plugged in. It gives me an Ebios error. That's not where the OSX is. OSX is in SSD. So when I unplug the HD, the system boots up. I tried plugging in the HD after the boot up but it's not showing up. So to be clear, I'm...
  2. bambo15

    Stuck on apple booting screen!

    I have tried many methods and expected one of them to work. Every time i try to boot up the computer i get this error. Specs: Intel Core i5 Asus B1510 Motherboard Asus Radeon HD 6450
  3. CoryMaffeo

    Gigabyte Z170x UD5 no power...please help!!!

    After getting up the courage from the forum to build my first HACKINTOSH i purchased all the equipment and can't seem to get it to work. Components: Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 ATX DDR4 Motherboards GA-Z170X-UD5 GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 980Ti 6GB G1 GAMING OC EDITION Ballistix Sport LT 32GB Kit...
  4. CAVS

    Sierra really slow after booting up

    Hello everyone, I´m kind of new in to Hackintosh. I installed Sierra a few days ago and I had a lot of problems. Most of them are solved. I had no sound so I tried to install VoodooHDA. After that I had a kernel panic on the boot up sequence. I fixed that with deleting every VoodooHDA file I...
  5. jdindindind

    What have I done...

    The Volume MacOS could not be repaired, Disk Full Error First and foremost, this is an absolutely wonderful community - really helpful and resourceful - and my Hackintosh has worked perfectly for around 5 months, thanks to all the information and notes here. I turn it on, last Friday, and I...
  6. NapalmCandy

    How to improve boot time? (Video inside)

    Hi, I recently update to Yosemite, I feel that boot up slower than Mountain Lion, I recorded the boot in verbose mode. Please, anyone can help me? I see too many error messages, and load too many kext. Thanks!
  7. Immoral_Neo

    Power Outage "Killed" my HackMac

    Suffered a power outage caused my computer to not properly boot up anymore. I ran a -x -v boot up, originally it said a Bluetooth error. Shut down, removed all peripherals except keyboard and mouse. Ran it again would boot in safe mode, won't go past Apple boot-up, spins, but doesn't launch...
  8. Toby39

    Can't boot up Mavericks (auto-restarts)

    Hi guys. Firstly, thank you for deciding to check out this thread. I have very recently built my Hackintosh and have gone through the OS installation process, incl the installation of OS 10.6 Snow Leopard. I am happy to report that I have received help in the Snow Leopard Forum from some...
  9. hananias

    Can't boot after install on ga-z77x-ud3h! HELP!!! SOS!!!

    I could boot from USB Unibeast 3 with the boot command "PCIRootUID=0". That's fine! After installation went smoothly, I hit the restart… then goes down hill after that. I can't get thru the boot logo. Just constant crashes! or K Panic. I've tried different kinds of boot commands (-x, -v...
  10. JustJoshinMagic

    Can't Connect via Ethernet (and a few other issues)

    So I recently built my first Hackintosh following this tutorial ( The only thing I did differently parts wise was a different case, cooler, and I added a 1TB seagate SSD (which...
  11. sepsep96

    Slow bootup time with SSD

    Hi guys, so did another build and i used the samsung 840 Pro 256gb SSD. The computer works fine but the bootup time is very slow. Are there any kexts that need to be installed or what? Thanks for any help! Heres the build just in case: Asus P8Z77-LK i5 3570k intel hd 4000 Samsung 840 Pro SSD
  12. stylesimxx

    I tried to install the lion usb boot up for install but restart itself

    I've install snow leopard it's worked with iboot, multibeast and cambo update also bios changed. I want to install the lion again from usb, it really impossible to boot up cos it's had reboot itself everytime i tried. it wont let me a chance to install like snow leopard do! I did followed...
  13. CallistoCorp

    Trouble booting on new ML Hack.

    I'm very new here so go easy on me. I just got my ML Hackintosh up and running except there was one problem. I could not sign in to my apple ID in my App Store, but i could in iTunes. I tried using this fix...
  14. ttuffghost

    Hackintosh Booting Into Blue Screen

    Hi all, First time hackintosh builder here. Loving the fun of doing this, but i've hit a road block and it's getting a bit frustrating! I have a: -Ga-H77-DS3H (bios v F5) -I5-3570K -EVGA GTX 550 TI 1GB -TP-Link Wireless Adapter -HDMI connection from Video card to monitor I installed Mountain...