boot time

  1. parveshkhatri7278374

    Mac OS mojave boot slowly

    Hello everyone, I just installed mojave on gigabyte b360m , i5 8400, 1x 8 GB ddr4 2400 memory, crucial mx500 250gb SSD. My boot timings are 18 seconds from power button to clover menu 45 seconds from clover to mojave desktop Total 1 minute of boot time . I don't really know how fast this...
  2. jacky123456

    Slow boot time-No Audio

    Hi guys Since updating to Mojave my audio stoped working and the boot time has risen up from 10s to about a minute. I've tried everything and nothing seems to work. I've got a 8700k on a Asus Prime Z370-A, also i changed the GPU from Nvidia GTX 1070 to the RX 580 hoping to get much faster...
  3. djcrunkmix

    Long Boot Times in High Sierra (2 min +)

    Hi all, I am running High Sierra and I noticed that day by day, the boot time is getting longer and longer. Now its over 2min30secs. I've searched around on the net and found that I must ensure to remove: - IntelGraphicsFixup.kext from S/L/E or L/E - Disable TRIM since I am running AFPS - Add...
  4. youshupp

    Sierra boot slow after patch dsdt

    I recently downloaded and patched a dsdt file while matches my machine. Everything worked almost perfect after reboot. However, the boot time was about 10 times slower than the old patch boot time. I used verbose at boot to check what was going on and I found there were ACPI Error, and it just...
  5. Mario94M

    SSD Slow boot time

    Hi guys, I've built a fully functional hackintosh with the specs you can see under my avatar...It boots in 25 seconds (from apple logo to desktop) on a traditional hard drive...Yesterday I replaced the HD with a Crucial MX300 SSD and I got the exact same boot time even if the whole system is way...
  6. bbostic46

    Slow Boot Time After Kernel Panic... HELP!

    Hey everyone, This is my first post, and I'm still pretty new to this, so be gentle. I built my Hackintosh about a year ago, and I've had very few problems with it... until now... Yesterday, I installed Soundflower and when I booted today I experienced kernel panic. Knowing that this was the...
  7. titooo

    4530s wit 10.9.2 takes 2 minutes to boot. How can I improve it?

    Hi, My setup: -Probook 4530s -iCore i3 (the most basic one) -4GB ram -Intel 3000HD -320gb HD (non SSD, is the one that came with the computer) -OS X 10.9.2 installed 1 week ago with Clover Bootloader following the guide of nguyenmac. The problem: OS X takes 2 minutes to boot and...
  8. graff805

    Slow Boot in Mavericks

    Hello all, is anybody else experiencing problems with very slow boot times on their build? I just updated from 10.6.8 to Mavericks and everything is working fine...except for the boot time. It takes more than a minute to boot ( at spinning ring) and when the login screen appears, it is very slow...
  9. dlittell

    GA-z77X-UP5 TH Bios access and boot time issue

    I have a i7 3.4 Ghz IVY and the MOBO mentioned above. My system is taking several minutes to boot. My son says this is not normal as I am booting off of a SSD. Unfortunately, I need to switch out the MOBO because the TH ports were deformed and had to order a new one. I want to take some snap...
  10. Pinoymac

    Boot time takes more than a minute after 10.8.2 supplemental update

    So i just updated ML 10.8.2 with the latest supplemental update. Lo and behold, what once took less than 10 seconds to boot (I use a samsung SSD) now takes more than a minute!! Please, anyone, tell me what could be going on here and how do I go about fixing it. Please !!!
  11. smtips

    Slow Boot with SSD Solved

    So I have been looking everywhere trying to come up with a solution for this 1:30 boot time on this new SSD build. I found it after some hours of testing various things. Key is to disable the Onboard VGA check on the MB. See the screen shot. It went from 1:15-1:30 boot time to 15 seconds! I...