boot issue

  1. gary77

    High Sierra is booting but hangs on the second short boot window ..

    Hello, I have a problem with a high Sierra installation, if I boot in verbose mode it runs completely through, but then appears a second boot window without text, normally it should be finished after a few seconds but in my case it stops in the middle, after a while the system reboots.. Has...
  2. leandroprz

    << Solved >> Suddenly my USB stick is not booting and I can't install High Sierra

    Hi, I've tried with several USB pendrives using Unibeast for High Sierra v8.1.0, v8.3.1 and v8.3.2. Everytime I boot with my USB I get this logo instead of Clover bootloader: I'm formatting the USB using the settings as described in this guide. This is my setup: GA-Z77-DS3H Intel i5 3570k...
  3. Stumbows

    In Memory Panic

    Hey Guys, Trying to boot my first Hackintosh on a Dell Optiplex 7040, i5 6500T, 8GB Ram, 120GB NVMe SSD etc. I've slowly been working through each boot issue and I am getting further and further to the point where I can feel I am super close. However, I am really stuck on this error "In Memory...
  4. lifedrinker

    Issue after changing hardware.

    I recently decided to upgrade my build with a new CPU and Motherboard. Both of them are approved, but after doing the set up here: I can’t get it to boot. When they have you...
  5. l.zieba

    Can't boot normally after post-installing Clover

    Hello everyone, I've successfully managed to install 10.11.6 on my Samsung laptop (specs below) - works like a charm when booting from USB. However, I'm struggling with post-install issues for a past three days - every time I install Clover on mac's EFI partition and replace CLOVER folder with...
  6. debab2013

    High Sierra Boot Issue

    I have fresh installed High Sierra to my WD SSD m2. The issue is that I can't open my Hackintosh without selecting the boot drive. I have clover installed. Whenever I am trying to select the boot drive in gigabyte motherboard, I am not able to set proper drive. there are lots of petitions...
  7. Dogstalotl

    [NEW ISSUE] Display Output Breaks Part Way Through OS X Boot

    Ever since the new MultiBeast release, I've been unable to load OS X properly. When I boot in to OS X, the loading bar will get to a little over 2/3rds or 3/4ths the way loaded then the screen will turn black and my primary monitor will say that no HDMI input was detected (both monitors are...
  8. Neaxic

    Prohibited Sign - Stuck after installation.

    So I've been trying to install mac to my pc for quite a while now, on and off. I keep getting the prohibited sign after the first installation part (High Sierra installation), and when booting to guide me through the next installation ( The langue part, and etc ) I get the prohibited sign. I got...
  9. kingseamus

    Mac Pro 4,1 Fails to Boot About 60% of the Time

    I have an early 2009 Mac Pro 4,1 that is often booting to a black screen that hangs indefinitely until I manually restart. I'm running 10.11.6. When I do successfully boot to desktop, this is preceded by a 15-45 second wait and then command lines in verbose mode. Tried resetting PRAM and NVRAM...
  10. Aftermathx25

    Dell Vostro V5459 - OS X won't boot anymore after half of a year of not using

    Hello So I encountered very strange problem. I haven't using my Hackintosh laptop for a long time almost half of a year and when I want to boot it, it doesn't work. Using -v I managed to read it's stuck at: reloc block: yes hibernate wake: no I remembered that I had trouble booting with charger...
  11. this is the 1st pic of 2 pics on single boot

    this is the 1st pic of 2 pics on single boot

    this is the 1st pic of 2 pics on single boot
  12. this came from another different boot up after the first 2 pictures

    this came from another different boot up after the first 2 pictures

    this came from another different boot up after the first 2 pictures
  13. Krishna2412

    Can't Install Sierra (Boot Loop in Clover Bootloader)

    Hey Guys, I want to install os x but can't install . I am using Clover Bootloader but it's booting again and again (Clover main menu show ,when i'm clicking on Boot Mac OS X from Install mac OS Sierra then its reboot) Please help....... My System Info : Processor : Intel(R) Pentium(R)...
  14. Custohp2000

    Computer auto booting to installer

    Hi guys this is my first hackintosh so bare with me. I successfully installed Mac OS on my computer and have everything running smoothly except that my computer auto boots to the OS X installer unless I manually select Mac OS. I’ve tried setting my main drive as the default boot drive in clover...
  15. eisenhornet

    [Solved] Cannot Boot OSx Sierra or Fresh Install

    Hallo Community, First of all a million thanks to the community for all the efforts put into making Hackintosh work. I am a newbie here and trying to understand how this all fits together and works. Moreover this is my first Post so bear with my shortcomings :) Now to my Problem. My Hardware...
  16. FilmZero

    Can't get past logo Gigabyte X-58 Yosemite

    I was in the proces of updating to El Capitann, never had any issues before. This time, the kernel can not be found in my USB boot drive. During the process, I somehow affected my current setup and am currently locked out of my machine. It gets as far as the logo, and hangs up in a kernel...
  17. simcoe

    Worked fine/Won't Boot since replacing cooler

    Worked fine for 3 years until the morning after I replaced the CPU cooler. I am running Mavericks since setting up the machine. There was a burning smell and I saw that the stock Intel cooler was not moving. I successfully replaced it yesterday and things worked as normal, booting it up 2 or...
  18. cod2dl

    El Capitan fails to start Clover r2.4k 4035

    Hello, I just installed el Capitan on my computer with the MultiBeast utility and I wanted to update Clover (like I did when i had Yosemite) to make the sound work in HDMI, fix shutdown issue and the inability to close my DVD player. But now OS X can't boot anymore... This is a screenshot of...
  19. luup96

    Sierra boot failure! [HELP] with i7-7700K + NVMe EVO 960 M.2 + ITX Z270 mobo

    I can't install Sierra ... I tried to follow some steps from other posts, but now i'm lost... After loading a half bar, I get a error sign (see attached pic)... I already switched to OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi, instead of OsxAptioFixDrv2-64.efi and I changed FakeCPUID to 0x0506E3 in "Kernal and...
  20. MarkSprain

    Still waiting for root device - macOS Sierra

    Hey guys, I urgently require help. Case: I created a Sierra-Bootstick (finished .raw file, burnt to USB-Stick) I booted from this USB-Stick. Selected Sierra Install In verbose mode it stops at still waiting for root device Tried steps to solve: Try different USB-Port Use a SATA-Drive Another...