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  1. ryansandlin

    Kernal Panic After 10.13.3 Update

    So I just downloaded the latest sierra update (title says 10.13.3 but that was wrong) thinking it would be no different than any other update, just a quick restart with only needing to update nvidia drivers. However, after restarting, my hackintosh goes into a kernal panic and tries to reboot...
  2. HATCH

    NVRAM Fossils from old build ruining fresh install (macOS High Sierra)

    First time poster/long time reader. I really appreciate this community and admire your knowledge and willingness to help each other out. I've read many other threads that seemed to relate to my issue but was never able to fully resolve anything. So here I am. I had a successful first build that...
  3. raycey345

    [Solved] Boot problems, freeze and crashing

    Hi I have a problem with sierra loading. During boot up of Mac OS, it will reboot or stay stuck like in the picture with the text info. If it loads to desktop, right after I put in my password to login, it freezes then reboots. I think it has to do with my GTX 1060, I've installed the drivers...
  4. ryansandlin

    OSX Sierra Hackintosh(Clover) doesn't always boot

    So for the most part I have got OSX Sierra working on my hackintosh with only a few minor bugs. The most annoying of those bugs is when booting into sierra it won't always boot. It'll hang on the apple logo screen for a second and either the loading bar will appear and it'll boot. or the apple...
  5. RHF

    El Capitan ACPI error 1665 on installer

    Hi All, first time posting on here! So I gladly welcome your support. I've got a tantalising issue.. the box I'm trying to use has booted into the installer once and once only (when it did boot to installer I saw no HDD's), a frustrating issue to say the least. I've tried pretty much every...
  6. cobra333

    Bootprocess to OS fails .... hlp plz

    hi, the bootprocess to OS fails .... I use Clover to boot to Yosemite, but after one day every boot ended in a Boot Stop and a Reboot. I can read sth about "I/O error" and "journal magic is bad" but is that the main error? Is there a option to fix it? Thx
  7. MCrow21

    El Capitan boot Error

    Hello Everyone. I.m pretty new to the Hackentosh thing and I'm having some troubles booting up the installer. I can successfully boot into Clover but however I try to boot from the USB stick it gives me this error Im using a HP laptop (HP envy M6) my specs are (i7...
  8. chiggler

    Working Unibeast install 10.8.2, no boot from hard drive. Graphics card problem

    Hi all, I'm scratching my head so hope someone can help here. Setup: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R rev 1 F5 Gigabyte 9800GT GV-N98TSL-1GI - 1 GB (PCIe) Intel Core i7-920 trying to load 10.8.2 The unibeast install failed every time just before the GUI install screen appeared, and thanks to...
  9. illumen

    Unibeast on Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P

    Hey everyone, I have tried installing Mac OS X Lion to my computer this morning and can get into the chameleon boot screen with the OS selection and can enter into USB. Once I press enter it just brings me to a black screen for about 5 minutes and then the computer shuts off. It doesn't respond...