boot 0 error

  1. matthijsb

    It's all gone

    hi everyone, I tried updating mac os x with the guide, did everything that was required. After updating Clover and rebooting, the mac osx was gone in the bootloader and now I cant boot into mac anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't have a mac.
  2. busyboy

    "boot0af: error" when i boot to windows 10

    hello, so i dual boot mac os sierra 10.12 and windows 10. yesterday i installed drivers with multibeast and i wanted to switch to windows because i was working on something for the school, and then "boot0af: error" appeared on the screen. i want to say that hackintosh works perfectly, it's...
  3. forestaman

    Solved > boot0 error with toshiba a100 and snow leopard

    Hello, i need to install mac os x on toshiba satellite a100. usually i install snow leopard through maclander's guide in this page -> link and it works fine but now i did a disk upgrade with 500gb and boot0 error occurs. I followed various guide from this site but actually nothing that i tried...
  4. abdo96

    Auto shut down on Apple logo

    Hello! I have a Weird problem here. My mackintosh automatically shuts down on Apple logo after loading some times. I need to fix this because I have a lot of important files on my hackintosh. Waiting for your comments. Video if the issue : Picture of verbose mode :
  5. ColBo

    Boot 0: error

    Created usb installer for high sierra installed without any issues now all i get is the above message!!! Ive seen a few posts about this but i dont understand most of it - Is there an easy fix for this????

    G4560 + RX480 Possible?

    Hi all! I'm very new to the mackintosh scene, and would love to get High Sierra up and running on an old hard drive with my current gaming rig. After various failed attempts over the last week from all sorts of guides (yosemite, el capitan, high sierra, etc), I have found today in an old forum...
  7. GamerIV

    [solved] El Capitan bootet nicht (panic cpu 0)

    When booting the installer always comes directly after clicking External always following message. panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800411cb36) The Error ist Attached. My Laptop is a Hp 15r-102ng Thank you very much
  8. odd135

    Really weird boot 0 error

    This is an edit to clarify my system: I'm attempting to run Yosemite on the system specified in my description to the left. I can't remember what setup I used for multibeast, but that doesn't really matter because I'm not even getting far enough into the boot process for the os to load the...
  9. ace36

    Always Get boot0:error!

    Hey everyone, No matter what I try I can't get this error to be fixed: It's only one one line and reads: boot0:error I just can't seem to get Chimera to boot off of my HDD. With the Boot USB connected, it launches Chimera just fine. I did try the fix for 4K sectors and reinstalled EasyBeast...
  10. metamensch

    [SOLVED]tricky boot 0 Error

    Hey guys, I`m having a hard time with the boot 0 error. I already tried the way to put the boot1h file on my HDD via the terminal application but still it gives me that message. I think there might be a problem regarding the partition table because it says " valid partition table found...
  11. sakr2d2

    boot 0 error on Mountain Lion --> z77-ds3h

    I've installed Mountain Lion on my PC with a Gygabyte Z77-DS3H + Intel I5 + 4GB of RAM Kingston + HDD Seagate 1T, not without problems... I've followed the guide of UEFI Bios configuration step by step, but i've only could install the osx using the command -x in every boot with the bootable USB...