1. macduck13

    Please Help with 10.15.2 Handoff, Apple Watch and Safari Bookmarks!

    Hello all, My system seems to be working fine except for Handoff, Apple Watch and the syncing of Safari Bookmarks. The network, WiFi, Bluetooth, Apple Store, iMessage and Facetime are working fine. The General tab does not include the "Allow Handoff between this Mac …" option. The Security...
  2. Ryanator

    Second User settings issues. (10.8.3 new build)

    **SPECS** Intel Core i7,Quad 3.49 Ghz 16Gb RAM GTX 660 Ti Z77X-UD5H Board Water Cooler Dual Monitor (LGIPS231) 240Gb SSD (Mac Only/Boot dev.) 500Gb SATA (Mac Only/Storage) 650Gb SATA (Mac Only/Storage) 500Gb SATA (Win 7 Ent/NTFS) iSight CAM (original Firewire) First, On the main Admin account...