1. crackself

    << Solved >> Post install problem with screen screen blurred

    My another Laptop: ASUS W419L Series, details: CPU: Intel i5-5200U Graphic: Intel HD Graphic 5500 + NVIdia 920 OS version: 10.14.3 Disk: HDD 500GB RAM: 4GB single Bios version: 205 Clover UEFI: r4813 clover config files from Rehabman...
  2. lihongbin

    Blurred/fuzzy screen ga-1050ti on 10.13 High Sierra

    I've just gotten my first hackintosh up and running with clover UEFI and nearly everything is fine. One glitch that is not life or death but would be nice to get sorted out is that I get about 10 seconds of snow storm static fuzz on my monitor at login, Occasionally when i boot from shut down...
  3. josbri

    Blurred screen (all time) in Asus 210 Silent

    Hi, first of all sorry for my english. With this build: - Z68XP-UD3P. - I7 2600 LGA1155. - Asus 210 Silent 1Gb DDR 3. When i install Snow Leopard first, my monitor looks all time blurred, and numbers and mouse have shadow all time. I tried with 3 diferents monitors in VGA, and in all...