1. lupofiasco

    Cant find Fenvi FV9801 wifi bluetooth card anywhere!

    Anyone know where this card can be purchased or the Fenvi FV-T919 or know of another proven card which works with i7-8700k and GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (rev. 1.0) LGA ?
  2. ezsolt

    Airport Wifi Bluetooth BCM94360CS2 / Battery level always 100%

    I have my battery level for mouse, trackpad and keyboard always at 100%. In terminal ioreg shows the correct values. How to fix this? I also have sometimes laggy keyboard. Is there an ssdt for this card?
  3. BeastOnFire

    Bluetooth keyboard reconnects constantly

    Hi, Yesterday, I've installed macOS high Sierra on my pc, and now I'm busy with the sound. But when I was searching on the web, I found an irritating solution. My bluetooth keyboard (microsoft designer desktop) and bluetooth mouse connect well with the bluetooth dongle (Asus bt-400), but as soon...
  4. sarfdawg

    Bluetooth missing from preferences?

    So I finally had an opportunity to not have to pay attention to the kids, and I wanted to pair my over-the-ear bluetooth headphones, and I went to system preferences, and - no bluetooth. If I type "bluetooth" in the search box, the icons get grayed out except for "Keyboard," "Network," and...
  5. gelomon

    [solved] Bluetooth issues

    Hello all, Currently I am on High Sierra. My bluetooth was working good but sometimes, after sleep it is not functional. Another issue I am facing are stutters when using a bluetooth speaker/headset and sometimes the connection drop when listening to audio but when transferring files, it is not...
  6. azispradana

    bcm94352z slow connection to external devices

    Hi guys, i need your help... Recently i built my first Sierra hackintosh. Because the onboard ngff card (intel) fully unsupported, i buy Broadcom BCM94352Z M.2 NGFF 802.11AC 867Mbps BT 4.0 DW1560 from ebay. In short after installation, first try to file transfer via airdrop and used the wifi to...
  7. midmin

    Slow Internet speeds - BCM94360CD OSXWIFI combo

    Hey guys, Is anyone experiencing slow internet speed issue with using the BCM94360CD that is part of the OSXWIFI kit? Currently running it in High Sierra- BT and WiFi connections are all working however, Speedtest is throwing a very slow download speed on average of 10Mbps. When running the...
  8. D-One

    BCM94360CD High Sierra crash if WIFI is turned on.

    Hello. I have a BCM94360CD and everything works fine including handoff with one big exception: if I turn WIFI on and Bluetooth at the same time the system freezes, or the beach ball starts showing every 5 minutes and the OS is unusable. USB cable from card to MB is attached. System Report > USB...
  9. AlexandrRS

    Lenovo t430s Bluetooth kernel panic when wake up

    I used this installation guide and got almost fully working laptop. WiFi (intel) does not work and I am prepared to remove that one and install atheros (yes, I know about white list and that I need SPI programmer for remove it). I am frustrated for another reason: If bluetooth is switched on and...
  10. sdfgsdfg

    Return-key on bluetooth-keyboards doesn't work

    On Bluetooth-Keyboards, my return-key does not work at all. I have tested 2 different keyboards and 3 different bluetooth cards/sticks This happens in Clover, my BIOS, and MacOS. In Windows is works perfectly fine. motherboard: ASRock z77 Pro 4 bluetooth cards: FV-T919, BCM94360CD Keyboards...
  11. remyc93

    High Sierra Handoff issues, help?

    Hey, As stated above I have an Asus Z170-Deluxe running 10.13 with the supplemental update; Wifi worked out the box, but Bluetooth needed Rehabman's BRCM patches. System report states everything is supported and the Continuity Activation Tool Beta says that everything is activated. Instant...
  12. hyper0

    Bluetooth (BCM94352Z) not working on High Sierra

    My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI, its Intel wifi card can not be driven in macOS. So I bought BCM94352Z m.2 wifi/bluetooth card to replace it. With following RehabMan's guide (, I downloaded and put BrcmFirmwareData.kext, BrcmPatchRAM2.kext...
  13. jadevjs

    Bluetooth Battery Status

    Hi, Do hackintoshes display battery status of bluetooth devices that are connected to them? I have a bluetooth dongle connected to my mac OS Sierra and I was wondering how to make them show. Thank you in advance.
  14. easytermss

    Cannot connect Surface Mouse over Bluetooth

    Hello there !! I just finished installing my hackintosh with a ASUS z270i motherboard The bluetooth wasnt working even with the help of this thread : So i bought a bluetooth dongle...
  15. Cr1ms0n

    Atheros AR9462 WiFi & AR3012 Bluetooth support for (High) Sierra

    Hi @RehabMan I am currently running macOS Sierra 10.12.6 on Acer Aspire S3-391 i3 Intel HD4000. Everything is working flawlessly thanks to your kexts and DSDTs. When I say everything, I mean everything other than bluetooth.. I was wondering if it would be possible to add support for bluetooth...
  16. prestosmith

    Bluetooth head tracker cannot connect

    I just purchased the waves head tracker ( ) to use with logic pro x. The requirements from the company’s developers is that you have Blue Tooth low energy mode available as well as BT4 compatibility. On my hackintosh I use this dongle for...
  17. EverythingIsRed

    [solved] Broadcom WiFi kexts bugs in 10.13

    BrcmPatchRAM2 enters infinite loop during boot (technically not infinite, but repeats for about 3-4 minutes) (screenshot attached) Also, bluetooth doesn't initialize. I use BCM94352Z (it was working perfectly until Sierra). How do I fix the errors in IOBluetoothFamily.kext? Problem reporting...
  18. user1085

    Will any USB Wifi & Bluetooth adapter work?

    I have a mini-ITX motherboard that only has 1 PCI-E slot that is currently occupied by the graphics card. Is there a working USB Wifi adapter and Blutooth adapter that will work?
  19. jrobison151

    Bluetooth Not Available after upgrade to 10.12.6

    Hey Guys, Looking for a little assistance on a bluetooth issue post upgrade to 10.12.6. This is the first upgrade I've done on this system since I built it late last year so to honest I forget what patch I was at previously, probably 10.12.0 or 10.12.1. Symptoms: Bluetooth icon in the system...
  20. ta-bas-co

    Software control K811 Logitech keyboard light

    Hi all, I've got this great mac K811 Logitech bluetooth keyboard. It has some keys to set keyboard illumination. My goal is to make a script to enable the keyboard lit keys after sunset, and disable the light after sunrise. My approach got me stuck at a very early stage; recording the...