bluetooth not working

  1. Flixy98

    Wifi is working but no Bluetooth under Big Sur (BCM94360NG)

    Hey guys, like the title says my Hackintosh won't show me any bluetooth devices but Wifi is working fine with my M.2 bcm94360ng. Any ideas how to fix it? The seller said it should work out of the box :/ rn I'm on Big Sur. Thank you :)
  2. Pahanius

    Bluetooth not working, icon shows with wavy line (BCM94352)

    Hi everyone I did successfully update to High Sierra and everything was fine, but after several reboots my bluetooth devices did disconnected. I tried to play with Kext Patches, but nothing helps. After the last reboot I catch bluetooth icon with wave line (Bluetooth: Not Available) I used...
  3. swampysix

    H77N-Wifi- Bluetooth Not Working

    Hey all, so i just built my first hackintosh and after many reinstalling many many times the only thing i have yet to get to work is bluetooth. i have the antenna plugged into the port closest to the HDMI but it wont even detect any bluetooth devices. I have bought a separate BT dongle but it...