blue screen

  1. tyrelius

    << Solved >> Multi Boot Multi Drive BSOD

    I'm having issues with trying to get my machine to boot properly. I have one drive with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, one drive with macOS Mojave, and one drive with Windows 10 1903. When each drive is plugged in on their own, they can boot just fine. When the macOS and Ubuntu drives are in, both will boot...
  2. manchar

    Light Blue screen After Sierra Installation

    Hi, I have just managed to install Mac OS Sierra on my Hackintosh pc using clover. But. unfortunatelly, when trying to boot into OS it shows up a light blue screen without a cursor or something. After trying to boot with safe mode, a prohibition symbol appears and the boot fails. Thank you in...
  3. mexfenstrat

    System Crashes when rotating screens..

    Greetings fellow hackintoshers (or is it hackintoshee's?). Anyhu, After spending about a week searching the net for solutions to get my Quadro4000(for PC) to get past the "black screen of death", I FINALLY got it working:crazy:. My only issue now is, I have dual displays, one of which I would...
  4. thestarman2112

    Help Determining Cause of BSOD BCCode 124

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out what the source of my BSOD is. I've been having this problem for several weeks. It does not always crash, but when it does, it is usually after I have recently turned on my computer. It displays the blue screen error shuts down, tries to reboot, shows a quick...
  5. ttuffghost

    Hackintosh Booting Into Blue Screen

    Hi all, First time hackintosh builder here. Loving the fun of doing this, but i've hit a road block and it's getting a bit frustrating! I have a: -Ga-H77-DS3H (bios v F5) -I5-3570K -EVGA GTX 550 TI 1GB -TP-Link Wireless Adapter -HDMI connection from Video card to monitor I installed Mountain...
  6. cats2play

    snow leopard Blue screen

    Hello, It's been a frustrating two days. I did a fresh install of SL 10.6.8 on a partitioned HD. Got it up and working so I could make a unbeast usb copy of my lion 10.7.4. failed at getting this up and running, so I went back into SL and it went from gray loading screen to black to blue.The...