blank screen

  1. BobPan

    Blank gray screen with cursor when boot

    I try the old Ivy bridge build on my PC, and install macOS Catalina on it. The install goes very smoothly but maybe it reboot to first time setup, I get the blank gray screen and a cursor can move, when I click the left button of mouse, the cursor gone. Before it enter this screen, it print...
  2. bwilliams2002

    << Solved >> GPU causing black screen after wake, Mojave

    I previously had a Nvidia GTX 970 on HS and it worked great along with sleep, but when I upgraded to an AMD Sapphire RX 580 waking from sleep would reboot the machine. I deleted the com.Apple.PowerManagment and it stopped the reboot but causes the monitors to come on and display nothing. I left...
  3. vergvija

    Cannot Boot After Trying to Enable Graphics Acceleration

    Hello everyone :) The Problem What happens when I boot normally, is that the apple logo shows up, the loading bar gets up to about halfway then hangs infinitely. If I boot into verbose, I can see that it repeats this over and over: Hash data from ME never returned, status = 1, doing retry #...
  4. palachinka

    powerpc g5 10.5.8 blank screen after login

    I didn't know where to go, so I thought hackintosh community would probably know the solution. I do own old powerpc g5 11.2. The problem I have is, since I installed debian on another hard drive, whenever i try to boot to osx, it boots, screen is working, it passed login screen then when it...
  5. Karl-Hungus

    [Solved] High Sierra NVidia GFX Driver install always results in blank screen after reboot.

    I'm having issues after installing the nvidia drivers under High Sierra. The install always results in the same blank screen after reboot. I have updated clover, finished the whole 10.13.4 security update and updated lilu.kext, AppleALC and NvidiaGraphicsFixup. csrActiveConfig is set to 67 to...
  6. markmcleod50

    4 days in...I need some help. Screen turns off during install.

    After numerous issues with High Sierra I've reformatted my SSD and am going back to Sierra. I have two USB sticks, one with Sierra and one with High Sierra. The new issue is that I get to the apple loading screen (before the install) and about 75% in the screen turns off. I've removed lilu and...
  7. smirf123

    Unable to get past "Loading HFS+ File"

    When ever I attempt to boot my laptop from my USB drive that I created in Unibeast, it just says Loading HFS+ File and then the screen goes blank. I have attempted to use multiple combinations of boot flags but nothing seems to work
  8. Jaywalkable

    Stuck during boot Sierra on Dell Inspiron 15R M5520

    Dear All, I am trying to install Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 on my dell laptop. I have managed to boot from USB installation drive using Unibeast (Clover Legacy). The boot did start with apple logo and a progress bar. After that I am stuck in a screen where it is presumably asking me to turn some...
  9. nir.s

    Sierra: Not able to wake up from sleep

    Hi, I just built a Hackintosh for the first time and most of the things are working properly. But I can't get the wake up from sleep working. Once the machine goes to sleep, when I press a key, the machine wakes up physically with the lights but the screen remains blank. There is nothing that I...
  10. razor451

    Blank screen after patching.

    After patching with AGDPfix, hackintosh started perfectly. But after restart again the black screen problem occurs.
  11. DmanDman

    Connection Lost (black screen) Installing El Capitan

    I have the following configuration from, under the parts section. I am following the installation directions completely from On the Hackintosh, after...
  12. iNeed-Downloads

    Blank Screen After Nvidia Web Drivers

    Problem I was able to install OS X El Capitan, but it displays a much lower resolution than my monitor. So, I installed the nvidia web drivers for El Capitan 10.11.6. After installing the web drivers I can't see use my computer. Booting up works just fine, clover works, but after the system is...
  13. Darrduck

    Issues installing a clover install of El Capitan on my Chimera Hackintosh

    Greetings, So I am trying to install El Capitan on my Hackintosh using the install guide on this beloved website. I used unibeast to install the boot loader on a USB and all went great. I then tried to boot from the USB after switching my BIOS over to UEFI and Legacy and when I try to boot into...
  14. Felurian

    Only able to boot to desktop with nv_disable=1 ; GTX 960

    Hi all - first time Hackintosher here so please be patient! :) I have managed to get El Capitan installed on my machine and managed to get it booting by the internal drive. However - I now cannot get to desktop unless I input the boot argument of "nv_disable=1". If I do not input this...
  15. Viznoman

    Can't get to the installer 10.10.3!

    Can't get to the installer 10.10.3![Solved] Hi all!, So I am trying to install 10.10.3 on my build. I can get to the usb, but when I go through the apple loading screen it will go halfway and blank out with the monitor reporting "no Signal". Since this is my very first hackintosh attempt, I...
  16. MIcahTautkus

    Blank screen right after OSX installer loads (CLover)

    Hey guys, real close to finally getting my Hackintosh to even boot with the installer from the Clover bootloader (I kindof need imessage and appstore working). So I have followed the guide and the only thing I did differently is tick the first to options (UEFI Booting Only etc) on the clover...
  17. tman26

    Weird Video Problem - HD4000

    Hey guys, My Specs: - MOBO: GA-Z77X-UD5H - CPU: i7 3770k - OSX 10.8.4 - DVI to HDMI to my monitor VIA onboard HD4000 My Issue: My computer runs perfectly fine for the most part. Some days when I turn it on, it starts immediately and runs great. Other days, I will turn it on...
  18. Priegelaar

    Geforce 9600GT 512mb in Dell Precision 490: blank screen when using kernelcache

    [Solved!] Geforce 9600GT 512mb in Dell Precision 490: blank screen when using kernelcache Hello everyone This week I did my first attempt installing Mavericks 10.9 using the tonymacx86 method on the following machine: System: type: Dell precision 490 chipset: x5000 processor: 2x Intel Xeon...
  19. sunnyko

    Blank screen after loading, GTX760

    I managed to get the installation done using a GTS450, but I would prefer if possible to use my GTX760, since it is a much better card and this is a duel boot setup. The issue however is that as soon as it gets done loading the kexts and "Int" pops up in the loader. The signal to the monitor...
  20. erwin9

    Mac OS X 10.8.3 + GTX660 = Blank Screen

    he mates! after updated to 10.8.3 i put my gtx 660 in the computer! i havent installed the card before cause its my first hackintosh and i just started with it. i solved all the problems alone but now i need help. so after i´ve read that there is a native support under 10.8.3 i thought i jsut...