1. djvicio

    Black Screen Upgrade 10.11.04 GTX 730 not compatible

    Problem with my Nvidia GTX 730 2GB, after upgrade to 10.11.04 and update de NVidia software... is impossible to load... boot loop after show logo apple loading. Only works nv_disable=1 Thanks a lot
  2. kapster

    Problem with Screen (Laptop, i7, GTX 660M)

    Hi, I've tried to install Yosemite on my XMG A722 Gaming Laptop and it doesn't work for 100% with Chimera 4.x Bootloader. First I only had a Screen on a secondary Screen via HDMI and no screen on the integrated one. Then I used Multibeast (DSDT Free)and the integrated Screen was enabled but...
  3. luis.pinto

    Laptop ASUS N75SF Black Screen after Apple Logo loading screen

    Hi. 1st sorry for my english. I'm trying to install Mac Os X Yosemite, but I can't reach the installation screen. After boot from USB, the screen goes black after few seconds at Apple Logo loading screen. The laptop continues powered on. After some searches on the forum, I tried to follow...
  4. z3t0

    Waking from Sleep BlackScreen Yosemite Toshiba P870

    Hi, I am trying to figure out why my laptop results in a black screen when I try to wake from sleep even after I have followed all the steps required for Power Management Ivy Bridge. IOReg - Using recommended version Hackintosh IOReg.ioreg Patchmatic Terminal Commands...
  5. djmanuel

    HP ProBook 4520s after 1/7 loading of install files black screen

    Hi, I have a HP ProBook 4520s with an Intel i3 M370 CPU (1st generation) and 2 GB of RAM. When I try to boot from the USB, created with UniBeast on OS X 10.6, the screen turns black after 1/7. When I restart my Laptop then I get the info that my CMOS checksum is invalid... I already tried the...
  6. chenkuns

    My hackintosh restarts and blackscreen with loud fans

    Condenced Description: Doing light gaming (on Win8.1) System reboots and monitor blackscreens (Power saving mode), mouse and keyboard LED lit up normally Reset button results in Loud spinning fans and black screen Did force turn-off and turn-on (System Started Normally) Used the computer for...
  7. xkieron99x

    black screen after apple logo on install, coming from mavericks 10.4 help

    black screen after apple logo on install, coming from mavericks 10.9 after booting into unibeast boot loader and selecting Yosemite apple logo is displayed after a black screen is displayed my specs are intel core i5 2430m intel hd 3000 4 gb ram
  8. mrmovielp

    Blackscreen after Apple Boot Logo

    Hello Friends :) Today i'm writing this post because i try to install Hackintosh (Mavericks) on my ASUS Desctop PC. But when i boot from my USB, i get an Apple Boot Logo and after a while my Screen gets black! I tried many bootflags but it stuck every time after that Boot Logo. My System is the...
  9. Brotmann

    Mavericks at Acer Aspire V3 771G

    Hello! I am trying to install Mavericks on my Acer Laptop. First of all my Specs: Acer Aspire V3 771G Intel i7 3630QM 2,4 GHz nVidia GeForce GT650M @2GB IntelHD 4000 8gb DDR3 RAM WDC WD7500BPVT-22HXZT3 750GB Hard Drive When I try to install Mavericks with Unibeast in normal Mode, the grey...
  10. DapperDuck

    ASUS K65CB Black screen after Apple logo (unibeast)

    (As this is for a laptop... I hope I'm in the right place for this) Hello dear Hackintoshers, I want to Hack my Asus K65CB laptop. However, I have this strange issue that when the Apple bootscreen has finished loading, my laptop screen goes black. I already have tried booting with bootflags...
  11. Krissy

    Blackscreen with Mavericks

    Hello guys, I tried to install Mavericks on my PC: I7 990x (not OCed) Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 Nvidia GTX 590 (Two GPU on one Card) After choosing the USB stick the Apple logo came up, but nothing happened. Just a blackscreen Can anyone help me? Any ideas?
  12. dmos

    DSDT for Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 (rev 2.0) BIOS version FD

    Hi everyone, I've got a little problem with my Hackintosh and I haven't found a solution in the internet. It took me a long time to get the Mountain Lion starting on my PC but it still doesn't work well. The system freezes randomly and I can only move the mouse. Sometimes I get the funny...
  13. masonmoesch

    Probook 6570b OS X 10.9

    Alright, so here goes. This is my first post so please refrain from dragging me to the butcher yet... I have one build with OS X 10.9 already running great, my desktop. Thats about the most ive done with anything hackintosh since about 4 years ago and i cant even say I was good when i made my...
  14. dix_xib

    Fresh install with GTX780 (black screen issue)

    Hi guys, Read through the forum and saw that many people indeed got this card to work with rather simple methods. However, I've hit a dead end and I'm stuck with the black screen after boot. The installation screen never appears. My system: Asus Sabertooth P67 i7 2600-K 16GB DDR3...
  15. andgest

    Install ML in XPS 420 = Blackscreen (reboot?)

    [SUCCESS] Install ML in XPS 420 = Blackscreen (reboot?) Hi I'm trying to install Mountain Lion in my DELL XPS 420 with Unibeast 1.5.3 but I have always the same issue when I boot on the USB to install : I execute with option : GraphicsEnabler=No -v I copy the last line. BootCacheControl ...
  16. isaacx

    Chimera gives me a black screen

    Hi all i have a external hard drive which has sl 10.6.3 on it with a MSI Z68MA-G45 B3 mobo. I have installed chimera 1.11.1 but when i boot i just get a black screen i tried safe mode and verbose but nothing works I just keep getting black screen any help? I have a GeForce GTS 450 but when i...