1. Majortherandom

    When trying to boot with 1060 it shows black screen

    when i change my motherboard settings to primary display PCIE it will show the apple logo then wont go past a black screen but when i use cpu graphics it loads completely my specs are: mobo:B150M-A graphics card is a:1060 3gb 16gb ram
  2. ovb1

    Intel HD530 Graphics working in 10.12.5 without Lilu or IntelgraphicsFixup

    I bit the bullet and updated a clone of Sierra 10.12.4 today. I was expecting to either have a Kernel panic or boot to a black screen without using Lilu.kext and IntelGrphicsFixup.kext... Interestingly I had no issues at all... clean install no need for the kexts or AGDP 1.3 to be reinstalled...
  3. Keybr4ker

    Will not boot after unibeast driver update.

    I did install Mac on an old Pc and after I logged in and launched unibeast with some drivers, Mac OS Sierra would recognize the gpu. The problem was that it didn't recognize the sound io. So I opened unibeast for a second time and installed some other drivers for sound. The instalation was...
  4. Briccoenjoy

    [SOLVED] Sierra install black screen after booting from USB

    hello, i have no graphic card in my hack i'm using the MOBO HDMI out (should be HD530 i7 6700k) When i boot from USB to install sierra after the loading it goes black. I have set nv_disable=1 i also can't enter the bios anymore starting the pc thanks a lot for your help.

    GTX 960 won´t run

    Hello users i built my first hackintosh and i bought a gtx 960 Gigabyte mini itx this card is recommended in the buyers guide. But now i installed the newest Nvidia Webdriver for my Sierra 10.12.3 and then rebootet insert the grafics card and added the boot arg nvda_drv=1 and every time when the...
  6. iovo7

    Booting to Black Screen Randomly

    I have already been trying to solve it for the past week with no result. i7-6700HQ Nvidia GTX970M The problem is the case that sometimes I booted into a black screen and needed to reboot for 1~4 times before seeing login screen. When it got to a black screen, I found I could connect to my...
  7. KleinSXM

    Black Screen Durring boot long pause then good

    Whenever I boot into my hackintosh the boot gets a little past half way, then when my second monitor is activated both go black for a long time then the login screen appears. The attached images are the last out puts from verbose boot before the screen goes black. OSX 10.12.2 GTX 970 3.2ghz i5...
  8. NinjaM0use

    Black screen halfway through Apple Logo followed by a Restart

    Hi all! I'm new to Hackintosh's and I have a bit of a problem. I am attempting to run macOS Sierra 10.12.2 on my Hackintosh using the Unibeast and Multibeast programs. For reference later on, I have a Nvidia GeFore GTX 960 FTW ACX as my GPU, and a Gigabyte GA-Z170M -D3H as my Motherboard. I...
  9. tolekk

    Boot from USB doesn't work on Skylake

    My issue is, that after setting up bios according to the guide, I can't boot Clover from USB, no matter what I try. 1. I rebooted my PC. 2. POST appeared 3. Black screen appears 4. "_" flashes a couple of times 5. BIOS opens up. I've tried to fix it for a while now, and I'd really appreciate...
  10. vvasann

    I need Enable,Pleas Help,Nvidia GeForce GT 640 DDR3 2GB Gigabyte

    GV-N6400C-2GI Geforce GT 640 Pci-E 3.0/2gb DDR3/128bit Dual DVI 1HDMI 1VGA CPU intel 1155 G2030 Mainboards Gigabyte GA B75M - D3V REV 2.0 Hello sir,I had to install Sierra From usb 10.12.1 I had do it from unibest. Everytimes I boot to osx with vesa 3 option. but I can not boot from nvidia...
  11. nandodutra

    Got "black screen/no signal" after updated to MacOs 10.12.1

    Hi everyone, I recently update to MacOs 10.12.1 and always got black screen after booting with flag -nvda_drv=1, to boot i need use the flag nv_disable=1. I'm using a GeForce GT 730 (on the VGA port) that worked very well on the MacOs 10.11. Someone can help me with this issue? I appreciate...
  12. jingafreak

    Black Screen after Boot Logo/Verbose log

    I created a bootable USB-Stick with Unibeast and Clover. When i enter no boot flags, i get the error: Cannot allocate runtime area. When i input some flags like: nv_disable=1 -v -f -x GraphicsEnabler=No; it loads, but i get a black screen after the log has ended / after the apple logo...
  13. LuxDarkWolf

    Problem with Acer Aspire VN7-792G-5484

    Hello Community, I have a problem to boot OSX Yosemite 10.10.1 on my Laptop. When I want to boot the OS with vaious bootflags it won't work. After few seconds when I wrote the bootflags it ran and then it became to a blacksceen. I have into my laptop: - Intel i5-6300HQ - Nvidia GTX 950m - 100GB...
  14. darknet8

    Black screen at installation start

    Hi, my configuration: Asrock z97x fatality I5 4690 Gtx 970 2×4gb corsair vengeance 2133mhz cl9 Xfx 650w I build the bootable usb in legacy mode and inject nvdia, but when i click noot osx from usb, i got a black screen that stay here forever, i try to run in verbose mode but won't start.
  15. Mand0

    Help Me Please

    Hello, this is my first time attempting to build a hackintosh and I have run into a few problems. I followed all of tonymacx86's steps but I am stuck on black apple boot up screen after the "install os from usb". Please if you know the solution to my problem could you please let me know. Thanks...
  16. Clu2t3r

    Nvidia GTX 950 Blackscreen Problem

    Hi everyone, several days ago i bought a new Gainward GTX 950. I already had OSX 10.11.6 running with a GT 650 so i thought changing the Card shouldn't be a big problem. Well i was wrong. Every time I try to boot with nvda_drv=1 enabled all I end up, is a black screen and my monitor going...
  17. kevin335200

    Blackscreen with GTX950 and webdriver in 10.11.6

    My build: Motherboard: ASUS Z9pe-d8 ws CPU: e5-2670 GPU:gtx950 with hdmi output OS: 10.11.6 Before i install the webdriver everything goes smoothly,expect of my graphics driver. So i install the newest Nvidia Webdriver for 10.11.6 and select the "Nvidia webdriver" expect of "OS X basic driver"...
  18. hezron

    GTX 950 Issues

    Hello there, First of all i have to apologize for my english in case of this post dont have much sense. I've been triying to run a El Capitan Installation from every way i've read to do it, and no matter what i try, i've always get a black screen after booting with Nvidia Web Drivers, this is...
  19. wolf896

    Acer Aspire 5750G - Black Screen after Log Screen

    Hey everybody, i got a Problem to Run Yosemite on my Acer Aspire 5750G Specs: Intel i5-2430 @ 2,4GHz 4GB RAM GF GT 520M (Disabled) I used Unibeast and a Mac Pro running Yosemite to make the USB Stick. It is a San Disk 32GB Cruzer. Unlocked BIOS V1.21. Disabled VM Support and Set...
  20. L0g4nAd4ms

    Blackscreen after irregular amount of time on deskop

    Hi guys, wanted to install OS X El Capitan on my desktop PC using the Clover bootloader. That worked with a slightly modified standard config.plist from TonyMacx86 guide for Yosemite with Clover. Just for your information, my hardware components: The used config.plist is appended. The...