1. MagTux

    << Solved >> Blackscreen OC 0.7.6, ASUS Z490

    Hi. I'm trying to install Big Sur on my PC (see account hardware). I use OpenCore 0.7.6 and the Dortania guide for desktop Comet Lake config. I select Install macOS Big Sur (external) in OC menu. When the Apple logo is going to appear the screen gets black (no video signal). What I tried: 1)...
  2. Arkadelic

    Help: Black screen on monitor when increasing refresh rate above 120hz?

    I recently upgraded to a dual monitor setup w/ an older LG Ultrawide (on HDMI), and a newer Gigabyte M27Q (On DP). The monitors function well together, colour is good, but I can't push the refresh rate on the M27Q above 120hz (119.88hz) without getting a black screen on the M27Q. Display...
  3. Shridhar

    << Solved >> GT 710 black screen with working cursor on macOS Big Sur.

    Im facing issue with Nvidia gt 710 2gb ddr3 on macOS Big Sur. I see black screen once login screen is to appear with working cursor. I can enter password in dark and I could see HDD less blinking once its done. Same card worked on Mojave & Catalina before. Recently my GTX 760 stopped working...
  4. Masonxxxx

    Hackintosh booting to black screen after verbose (opencore)

    Help, Hackintosh booting to Black Screen MY cpu : core i5 750 MY gpu : amd hd 7850, amd hd 5570, I ONLY PLAN ON USING THE HD 7850 ram : 10gb ddr3 1333mhz motherboard : asus p7p55d-e ethernet- intel family controller I FOLLOWED THE OPENCORE GUIDE AND I’ve successfully installed Mac OS but...
  5. legatimatteo

    Surface Pro 7 i5-1035g4 - bigSur

    Hi, I'm trying to use big sur on surface pro 7, it works well but the screen sometimes becomes black for a half sec. changing resolution no longer happens but hidpi is not activated so I see everything very small. Can someone help me?
  6. Graaanityy

    Booting into Big Sur Installer ends up in black screen

    Hey folks, due to the release of macOS Big Sur I created a USB installer by using createinstallmedia command. I followed Dortanias OpenCore Guide to create a good EFI and to get the right SSDTs, drivers and kexts I need. Even Sanity Checker says everything is OK. When I'm trying to boot into...
  7. ngergo100

    Big Sur successful installation but black screen after restart

    Everything works on Catalina, everything works on Big Sur as well until the first shot down (So the install is successfull, i could see the dock with the desktop). After reboot it goes black when normally the apple logo comes for a few sec with the loader. I have the config below: Asus TUF Z370...
  8. mono424

    Help: OpenCore Blackscreen during bootup

    I tried now for days to get my hackintosh up and running without any success. Probably someone can help me, i am running out of juice... Issue: After selecting "macOS Base System", it tries to boot and after 10seconds it goes into a blackscreen. My Specs: MSI MPG Z490I UNIFY Intel Core i9...
  9. talb999

    GA-H85-HD3 Problems with Catalina installation opencore

    I am trying to install Catalina using OpenCore but I am facing some issues: 1. After the selection and all the visual text loading I get black screen instead of the Apple logo. I though that there was failure in the Installation and after lots of attempts I left the computer to do it's things...
  10. dumpcoke

    UHD630 black screen for a while after wake up from sleep

    Hi, I followed the OC guide and installed Catalina 10.15.4 on my PC (Opencore 0.5.8), the installation process went very well. Most functions work well except the following display issue. My PC connects to a LG monitor via DP, each time it wakes up from sleep, the monitor screen will go black...
  11. bagrov

    [GUIDE] Catalina 10.15.4 on ASRock Z370 Pro4 + i5-9400 + GTX 760 2Gb

    Firstly I want to say sorry for my English, because its not my first language. I've tried to install hack on my old windows laptop with Ivy Bridge and spend about 2 weeks for this with absolutely no progress. Then I started to search for supported hardware. And then found and bought used m/b...
  12. mrSmith

    Clean installation Catalina 10.15.4 (black screen with Apple logo)

    The installation won't continue. A black screen + Apple logo + progress bar is fully filled. Nothing is happening next. The bootable USB was made by latest Unibeast build. This is the 1st time when I'm really don't know what is wrong. I have made a perfect Hackintosh build on Mojave with the...
  13. ItzBlazik

    Hackintosh Mac OS Mojave - Stuck on black screen with cursor after fresh install

    Hey there guys, I've ran out of ideas on how to fix this problem so I decided to try and seek help here. After installing Mac OS Mojave 14.6.06 using clover on my old laptop (specs - MOBO = Asus X550CL, CPU = Intel Pentium 2117U, GPU = Nvidia GT 710Ti) I became stuck on black screen with...
  14. krnsripati

    << Solved >> Asus P8P67 Pro, i7 2600k, RX 580 Pulse - Catalina, stops at Blackscreen

    Stuck at the attached screen. Also, attached EFI with dumps. I created the installer from Unibeast 10.0 and updated some files - because it doesn't work directly. If I keep WhateverGreen.kext, the screen goes blank. I would appreciate any...
  15. NONITS

    No Image on Laptop screen on wake but output on HDMI works

    I have a Razer Blade Stealth 2019 (Whiskey Lake i7 8565u) running Catalina. And I have everything I need working perfectly except the weird sleep issue below: If the laptop is put to sleep by clicking sleep or closing the lid the internal display stops functioning except for backlight The OS...
  16. Fameon

    rx580 8gb black screen 10.15

    hi everyone, i upgraded my setup with this card from gtx 1060 and after the updating from mac os 10.13 there is always black screen. my config: asus h170 pro gaming i5 6600 8gb ram xfx rx580 8gb here my EFI partition thank's to everyone will help me
  17. DangNguyen

    W540 has problem after waking up!!

    I think it isn't caused by blacklight control or power managerment because I have followed your guide correctly, probably the internal connector. My internal connector is DP, my resolutions is 3k (2880x1620) I used hot patch to disable discrete GPU, map Fn keys functions, plugin type= true, USB...
  18. Farbe

    Mysterious Blackscreen/Crash with running Audio (10.4.1-10.4.4)

    Information: CPU: i7 8700k Board: Gigabyte Z370M D3H GPU: Saphire Vega 56 8Gb Nitro + Audio: ALC892 SSD: Samsung 970 512Gb M.2 NVME System: 10.4.1 - 10.4.4 SMBios: iMac Pro 19.1 Hello Guys, I have a mysterious problem with my Hackintosh. Its currently running 10.4.4 but the problem also exists...
  19. defexnicolas

    Stuck Boot Mojave BlackScreen

    Hi everyone ; i’m having this issue, when i’m with -radvesa stuck on this. any idea whats is goin on? i have at least 3 weeks trying to install mojave
  20. Harry-ed

    Forgot the Framebuffer Patch

    Hi all, I am new here and this is my first post/build. Now, I've followed and installed Mojave and everything went fine. I went trough the post installation instructions and rebooted. Then there was the blackscreen. I forgot to look in to the framebuffer patch, and the GPU is apparently not...