1. Machinee

    rosa black - clover theme

    rosa black clover theme new theme based on rosa Download:
  2. uchika96

    [Problem] Black primary screen on laptop when booting with HDMI

    Hello everyone, I have a problem when booting my laptop (Lenovo 510s: being connected to HDMI. The primary screen is black (but still recognized because the cursor can go on the primary screen), the secondary...
  3. SingleCores

    Sleep on Catalina - Z390 - 10.15.3

    Hi, whenever I try to put my PC to sleep the screens turn off, but the PC remains on and it doesn't do anything anymore, I have to force reboot it. As far as I know, everything except sleep works. Audio Internet Usb devices Reboot Shutdown General usage of the hackintosh is a breeze. ...
  4. denisuu

    ASUS N580VD - Black Built-in Display (If external displays are not hot-plugged)

    Hot-plug Problem: When HDMI is plugged in on boot the built-in display goes black and can't be turned on until the machine is rebooted with the HDMI cables unplugged. So in other words, the external screens need to be hot-plugged when the machine is booted else the internal display will not...
  5. joelito20

    Not working after Clover Configurator

    Hi, I installed macOS High Sierra fine to my SSD. Then, I used MultiBeast and installed drivers. Next, I went to Clover Configurator to try fix my GPU, and, when I restarted, it didn't restart by itself. I had to shut down. Now, when I go to boot from High Sierra, it stays on the Apple logo with...
  6. SuperMilesio

    NO SIGNAL after gpu installation El Capitan

    so my hackontosh is running El Capitan 10.11.6 and works just fine. But when I tried installing my gpu, nvidia gtx 760, I get no signal to the monitor when booting up. The gpu itself is installed and it functions just fine, and when I plug the hdmi in to the motherboard, I get signal. I have...
  7. markmcleod50

    580 with black DRM iTunes content and loading Preview

    I just did a clean install with 10.14.2 and rebuild after buying a Radeon RX 580 Nitro+ but am having some issues with preview not loading and iTunes DRM'ed content showing a black screen. I've detailed my build and what I've done so far on Google docs - no sign in required and you can make...
  8. sebtech

    Dual GTX 1080 and High Sierra issue

    Hi ! I really need help to understand what is going wrong with my setup. During 2 years I was on macOS Sierra and everything was fine, I use this workstation to work everyday, but I had to update to High Sierra due a software update. Of course I did a fresh install for macOS High Sierra (based...
  9. filterhead

    1080 Installation problems

    Hi guys, I have a problem long time ago. Im unable to install high sierra, i did once, and 1080 didnt worked to me. After so much time, i decided to reinstall. I installed using unibeast, then i used time machine to recover my files. Here is the problem: i used to have a black screen clover...
  10. jujuliveplay

    Black and white square button hole problem

    Hello, I have a visual problem on buttons ex: numbers itune safarie? I you but a picture of my problem If you have solutions it will be great. Thank you and see you soon
  11. svampefett

    Thunderbolt display flashes brightness change

    Hi, my Hackintosh is almost perfect now. Gotten everything to work except changing brightness. For now i'm using brightness slider app from appstore, having rerouted f1 and f2 to not having to use fn key by karabiner app. This works, but only "dims" display, doesn't turn it off / completely...
  12. nawabaarij

    Stuck at black screen with cursor after updating to High Sierra

    So i update my working sierra machine to High Sierra it installed succefully but when i selected Boot OS X from *disk* i couldn't get into mac after the apple logo and the bar complete around 3/4 i get a black screen with the cursor on the top left which can't move!
  13. gemis

    [Solved] Black Screen after try recovery with Time Machine

    Hello guys. I have a problem. Yesterday try to update mi Sierra to HighSierra with directly update. Then my partition is disappear. After that, try to recovery my backup sierra with the Time Machine, and enter with the partition Recovery (without usb, the partition with the OS disappear, but the...
  14. mateusz.slowik

    Lenovo U310 sierra boot problem

    Hi everyone I am trying to install sierra OS X on u310, i already put whitelist bios on it. I am using newest UniBeast for Sierra. I am booting laptop to clover boot menu but after i click installation of mac from usb. the white apple logo shows up and right after installer will start loading...
  15. jlinlop

    Black screen with nvidia web drivers!!

    Help me! this is taking me crazy, my specs: Gigabyte H61-DS2 with i7 Nvidia 1050ti High sierra 10.13 installed Plugged with sony tv kdl46nx all works fine Plugged with hp24xw monitor black screen on boot up Maybe a concern with hdmi 1.4 vs hdmi 2.0???? Help!!!!!!and thanks!!!
  16. markmcleod50

    Graphics issues - config and BIOS attached

    Running a Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 5 with and EVGA GTX 960 on 10.12.6 new install. System definition is 17,1. I've tried lili and nvidiagraphicsfix as well as ADGPfix and still cannot get my card to be recognized. Right now I am getting video through HDMI which is plugged into the GPU. Nothing with...
  17. Yahu

    Display problem with Sierra

    Hi, I got fully working hackintosh setup which is MSI PE60. There were no problems until I started to use an external monitor as a second screen. Now every time I boot Sierra, my built-in screen is black (backlit tho) and the external screen displays properly. Built-in screen starts to work...
  18. AaronDarklightAudio

    Sierra install problems after MultiBeast

    Computer Specs: -Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170x ATX Gaming 5 (rev 1.1)(compatible with 6th and 7th gen. intel processors) -CPU: Intel Core i7 4.2GHz 7700k -RAM: Ballistix 2x8GB DDR5 -Drive: 850 Evo SSD 500GB -PSU: Corsair CS650M -GPU: EVGA GeForce ATX 1050 SC Gaming 2GB Note: selected UEFI install...
  19. KatVonSonder

    OSX Date&Time BLACK Glitch discovered (NOT the "black menu bar glitch")

    Hello everybody, I tried to find out if someone else in this Forum already talked about it, but I couldn't, even after waiting and looking for for a few months. If I'm wrong, I really really apologize!! In that case, just delete this thread and show me the right one. The "Date&Time BLACK...
  20. bjanuario

    Dificulties install Sierra on Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S762

    Hello, I am trying for a while to install Sierra on Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S762 notebook but so far I can't. What I did was download Unibeast make the image and when it boots show me the clover boot options, when i choose to install a blank screen apper and nothing else happen. I had installed on...