black screen

  1. MyNameIsJack

    Open core - After booting to the installer black screen occurs.

    Hi I am new to the scene of hackintosh. I tried today build the project with the guide followed multiple times. But my system doesn't seem to display anything after I chose to boot on the open core setting. I have a dvi to HDMI adaptor because my motherboard doesn't have an HDMI port. Idk if...
  2. andytan

    Black screen after boot with cursor

    Hi I'm relatively new to this hackintosh thing and my computer was working fine until I installed something that asked me to restart at the end, I'm guessing my computer auto updated and now I am unable to see anything besides a black screen and my moveable cursor after booting up. I believe...
  3. shaneg

    Black screen after Apple logo. Loads into macOS after 4 minutes

    Hey, I've recently installed a MSI 6800XT GPU into my hackintosh. I've updated OpenCore and all the Kext files along with the config file. Everything working fine on Catalina with my old GPU (AMD 580). Proceeded to install Big Sur to 11.6.6, once again all working. Installed the 6800XT and I've...
  4. Adam8m8m

    Black Screen after Apple logo

    The pendrive normally displays macos (12.2) installations after loading a bit of the loading bar the monitor loses the image with the computer and does not display anything (black screen). my configuration: radeon rx 6600 PowerColor fighter 8GB Gigabyte Z590 UD AC IntelCore i7 10700f...
  5. JuanCuesta

    MacOS Catalina - Opencore black screen after verbose

    Hello, I am trying to install macos catalina but when I boot from the usb, I see the white letters and then a black screen. I have followed the opencore installation instructions. My motherborard: X79 My CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2690 My GPU: AMD RX 580 RAM: 2x8gb ddr3
  6. lefterispan

    black screen

    Hackintosh booting to Black Screen after verbose MY cpu :intel core i7 10700k ram : 16GB 3200mhz Corsair vengance pro motherboard : MSI MPG Z490 GAMING PLUS ethernet- realtek 8125 Hello. I have some issues with my hackintosh build. I have followed the opencore guide and after verbose my pc...
  7. Mttk

    Showing black screen on Catalina usb installer on HP Z440

    Hello friends, I need help fixing the boot issue from Catalina USB installer. Working on HP Z440 with E5-2670 v3 Processor and 16GB Ram with Quadro K2000 with nvme drive using PCIe expansion card. I'm stuck at this point where the system just about the load the installer UI. It says unsupported...
  8. NewtMostly

    OC Monterey - Black Screen

    OC Monterey — Only issue with this fresh install is a period of black screen whenever I change display settings or login. Any ideas?
  9. dingl3

    Black Screen GTX 780 After Sierra 10.12.6 Update

    Hi I have been having an issue of black screens after updating a working Sierra install to 10.12.6. Lucky I had a carbon copy of an El Capitan install that im able to boot into. I have been told that the GTX 780 has native support so im unsure what is going on here. My clover is not injecting...
  10. mattklahn

    Vega 64 Random Black Screen + 100% Fan Speed Issue

    I am running into issues with my build recently. Basically, it appears that under high GPU load activities, such as video editing, gaming, and 3D rendering, my computer will randomly go to black screen, and the fans will instantly ramp up to 100% speed. Note that if audio is playing, it will...
  11. tidann

    Black Screen with Radeon RX 580

    Hello, I installed Big sur on a MSI b450 gaming plus max, ryzen 3200G , Aorus Radeon RX580 8G and 8g of ram. Everything works fine if I force integrated graphics. If not, there is a black screen when the Apple icon should show (after the boot logs) Can someone help me ? I tried the RX580 ssdt...
  12. Axiz

    Black screen during installation

    Hello everyone! I have a computer with a Jingsha x79 m-s motherboard. I can't start the installation, because I get a black screen (the monitor does not receive a signal, as I understand). I used loading in FakeSMC, Lilu, AMD 7000 kexts, as well as the keys npci=0x2000, PCIRootUID=1...
  13. Tamerlanchiques

    Gigabyte Radeon RX Vega 56 Gaming OC HDMI black screen issue

    Bought Gigabyte Radeon RX Vega 56 Gaming OC in order to switch from my old GTX760 one. When boot from clover I see that: Usual apple logo and filling linear progress bar. And when progress goes after 50% pink lines appears And then I just got black screen after few seconds. But if plug HDMI to...
  14. Nehedar

    Disabling CSM | Opencore | No Boot Picker, No Verbose

    I have recently swapped my previous Nvidia GPU GTX 960 by an Radeon RX 570, which allowed me to boot with CSM disabled. The Nvidia did not allow to boot with CSM disabled: three short beeps from MOBO meaning no GPU detected unable to choose boot device and unable to enter into BIOS setup, the...
  15. nikoprint

    Black screen on booting

    Hi everyone, first of all I want to give big thanks to the creators and also to everyone supporting here. I’m trying to make my first Hackintosh and seems to have a little problem. Im using Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H with UEFI DualBios and working Windows 10. Intel i7 3770K overclocked to 4,5Ghz...
  16. jdavidson

    << Solved >> Sidecar Not Working - Black Screen - OpenCore iMac17,1

    I recently purchased an iPad Pro and decided to make the jump to Catalina so I could take advantage of Sidecar. Been using Clover for years, but I heard some good things about OpenCore, so I decided to do a fresh instal on another SSD. Install was easy; everything seems to be working great...
  17. varunbiday

    << Solved >> Lines on Monitor (Responsive) After Installing Nvidia Web Driver and Booting on macOS High Sierra

    I have been trying to fix this for over a week now. I have installed macOS High Sierra on an NVMe SSD on my desktop using a UniBeast made USB. Every time I come to post install, I have only two things which are not working: Audio and Graphics card. Audio gets fixed by applying the HDAS to HDEF...
  18. krnsripati

    << Solved >> Sapphire RX 580 Pulse - Catalina: Black Screen | HDMI

    PC Specs: Asus P8P67 Pro i7-2600k Sapphire Pulse RX 580 I tried multiple ways to fix black screen issue, but unable to fix it. I am accessing display using Remote Desktop. I really don't know what to do. Attached my ioreg and EFI. This is the log from WhateverGreen. 2020-10-04...
  19. lorenzopot

    Hackintosh doesn't boot after clover update. How to boot and fix with USB?

    So my system was working fine with clover r5120. I updated it with the pkg to r5121 and updated a Realtek kext. Now it doesn't boot, the screen stays black. I have an EFI Folder backup (of a working EFI) on a USB stick. How can I fix my system? Like, how can I revert the boot loader back to...
  20. relik1989

    Black screen on login after installing i1Studio on perfectly working OC hackintosh.

    I set my laptop up with OC 0.6.0, all the latest kexts, and the latest public release of Catalina last week. After tweaking I would consider my setup as close to perfect as possible. That is until I wanted to color calibrate my screen. I installed i1Studio so that I could use my ColorMunki...