black screen before login

  1. Whitesirillus

    Intel HD 630 black screen High Sierra 10.13.6 (Lenovo V520s)

    Hi guys, I bought a Lenovo v520s today and I cannot get my igpu to work... Its driving me crazy... Specs i5 7400 Intel B250 chipset 4gb ram (16gb on the way) ssd nvme 256gb intel HD 630 After I update my system to 10.13.6 I aways get black screen (no signal) when I boot. What is going on ? My...
  2. TIAN.W

    black screen

    I have installed mojave successfully. If the nvidia graphics card is loaded, When the code scrolls to the end, the pc will appear black screen. How to solve this situation, thank you for your help.
  3. ELMTREE95

    First Hackintosh build - GT710 working.....GTX 1060 not so much

    I followed this guide to get my first hackintosh running High Sierra loaded ( Loaded the NVIDIA webdrivers in prep for using my Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1060 6GB card and followed the...
  4. super3izzh

    Extremely long wait after the Apple logo

    Background: I just got a used RX570 video card so I decided to do a fresh installation of High Sierra. Previously, the machine was using nVidia GTX460 and works great with El Captain. Issue Description: The issue is that every time the system boot into the installation or the High Sierra, it...
  5. elfcake

    [Solved] Radeon RX 560, Black screen until Desktop sign in screen

    Here was the problem, I installed a new Gigabyte Rx 560 4gb Graphics card, hoping to get away from the problems and fears that every MacOs update incurred with NVIDIA driver support (and because 4gb of DDR5 is better than the previous 2gb that I had with the GTX 1050, right?). What I observed...
  6. Berrymore

    NVIDIA GTX460+High Sierra

  7. domestosby

    EVGA 1070 gIOScreenLockState 3

    Hi guys i've installed High Sierra 10.13.2 trying to enable Nvidia Web Driver (378. driver install with no error and asks to reboot system booting with flag NvidiaWeb=true and getting black screen and system freeze after gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 fixes i...
  8. elfcake

    Multibeast 10.2 install black screen

    After installing MB 10.2 (High Sierra 10.13.2) I am getting a black screen after the Apple loading. The only way to reach the desk top is booting through Unibeast 8 with 10.13.1. I removed my graphics card (Gigabyte GTX 1050 D5) because System preferences under NVDIA driver, "No Graphics Card...
  9. Loti997

    Black screen after updating to 10.12.6

    Hi, I am using Asus x540l , intel hd 5500 , nvidia 920m I have installed MacOs sierra 10.12.2 and Windows, I fixed drivers in mac , I even used ADGP fix which I thought would fix the problem after updating but it didnt, it seems that I needed to install Nvidia web drivers. How can I install...
  10. 4red

    Amd r9 380(285) and black screen on sierra

    Hello anyone! I'm install hackintosh on my PC CPU - intel core i5-4570 Motherboard - asus z87-k GPU - XFX amd r9 380 On 60% loading of hackintosh loading lags and stopped Hackintosh loading with radeon in safe mode Hackintosh loading with HD4600 in normal mode, but have many red dots on screen...
  11. darren

    Black screen/No signal on monitor

    HELP! I've been searching for a fix for my desktop. It keeps having trouble loading into the login screen after boot screen. Only using the boot flag: nv_disable=1 will it boot up properly but with no graphics acceleration. Tried using AGDPfix but to no avail. CPU: i7 3770 Graphics: GTX...
  12. martin17scott

    [solved] ASUS S550cb Black Screen After DSMOS Has Arrived

    Hello, I have booted my USB and installed OS Sierra with Unibeast, after the installation the system reboots but I am getting a black screen after ¨DSMOS has arrived¨. I am getting the error when boot from HDD Installation. I have never reached Mac configuration screen. Specs: Asus S550cb...
  13. vkrajal

    << Solved >> DS3H with GT640 - No display until login screen

    This is my first build. I am using following components : GA Z77 DS3H i5 3570k GeForce GT 640 I could install the mountain lion as per instructions and got the build working. I also downloaded the nvidia drivers and everything works fine except this one weird problem. When I boot up my system...