black screen after logo.

  1. newblar

    Customac Mini Deluxe no signal after apple screen on initial install

    I am running mini deluxe with i5-4670k and using western digital 1 tb hard drive everything else is per the recommended setup. I have used the boot flags recommended in the 10.9 Maverick installation guide to no avail. Every time running it just go to black screen after the initial display of...
  2. azerty159

    Black screen after logo.

    Hardware : Motherboard : Asus Maximus 3 gene (Socket 1156 no graphics chipset) CPU : I5-760 2.8 ghz GPU : GTX 470 BIOS : 2202 and downgrade for 2103 (DSDT is for 2103) but same issue every time. Bios Setting : Storage : AHCI HPET 64 bits : APCI 2.0 Support [Enable] Virtualisation : Intel...