bios reset

  1. mayank.bhutoria

    Gigabyte BIOS keeps resetting/ POWER ISSUES

    Hello everyone, Just a few weeks back, the motherboard on my system crashed which I posted regarding here. - Luckily I was able to get the board repaired and initially my OS seemed to be back up and running. However...
  2. intrus22

    Yosemite BIOS Reset and Sleep/Hibernate issues

    I got my system running fine with 3D Acceleration and all, just need a bit of help with the two final items. - BIOS resets when i reboot system - If i leave system on for a while and Sleep mode kicks in, the screens don't turn back on. Any idea what the solution for those two are? I...
  3. super16

    HELP NEEDED!!! - Internal Graphic disabled

    Hello everyone, I was trying to install mavericks on my first build - a GIGABYTE Z87X-UD5H mothboard +i7 4770K. I followed one of the success reports about this config, that as Bios settings suggests to set Internal Graphics to DISABLED...
  4. qasem117

    Mavericks install black screen monitor turns off

    So this is my first time trying to build a hackintosh, and I've come across a problem. So, I boot up from my USB, go onto the OSX Mavericks install, then I have a black screen for about 2 minutes then the apple logo loading screen appears. After a while of loading the screen goes black and my...