bios mod

  1. danmcq

    [SUCCESS] Booting 950 Pro NVMe on GA‑Z77X‑UP5 TH

    I wanted to share how I was able to get my Z77 system (Gigabyte GA‑Z77X‑UP5 TH motherboard) to successfully boot off of a Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD using a PCI Express adapter. I know there are several others using this same motherboard for their builds, so hopefully someone will find this...
  2. bugattiveyron2009

    Where I can download the modified Bios for IOS? (MAXIMUS V GENE Z77)

    Modified Bios for MAC OS? (MAXIMUS V GENE Z77) Hello! I'm trying to download the modified BIOS from the link: (The Bios were removed). Is there another place to download the BIOS? I need to install MAC OS on my PC ... Maximus V Gene Z77 Intel Core i7...