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  1. Mattuz

    Intel I-225V ethernet not working

    Hello guys, after quite some time I decided to make an hackintosh again using my current rig. I have an Asus B550-E motherboard which has an Intel I-225V network card. Online I found two kexts that could help me (FakePcIIID & FakePCIID_Intel_I225-V) and as read on the opencore guide I inserted...
  2. EvgeniyDoctor

    << Solved >> UHD 620, HDMI and black screen sometimes

    Hello. I have 1 DP and 1 HDMI port. DP works well, but I have problems with HDMI: - if both ports are connected during system boot, DP will be disabled, and HDMI screen will be always black; - if only DP is connected during system boot, and HDMI is connected in the loaded system, then HDMI will...
  3. pauly1980

    Please Help…Big Sur operates when boot from USB but not from hard-drive (ThinkCentre 720q)

    Hello, Introduction- After starting my mini project with a lot excitement to build my first Hackintosh for the last 2 months, I realised its perhaps best to reach out for help from one of the experts on the singular problem I am facing in completing this fun but challenging project...
  4. viewDidAppear

    [SUCCESS] viewDidAppear's Mini-ITX Build - DustBox - Big Sur

    viewDidAppear's Mini-ITX Build "DustBox": Core i9-10900K - ASUS-Z490-I GAMING - 32GB RAM - RX 580 8G Components Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z490-I Gaming - Amazon | Newegg Memory: Corsair RGB Vengeance Pro DDR4 2666MHz 32GB (2x 16GB) - Amazon CPU: Intel Core i9 10900K - Amazon | Newegg...
  5. Gekume123

    AR9287 + BigSur WiFi

    Does anyone have steps to getting this wifi chipset working on Big Sur? All I can find is stuff for Catalina, like this: That guy seems to...
  6. Svart

    [Success] GA-Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 + i7-8700K + RX 5700 XT + OC

    Svart's Build OpenCore Big Sur 11.2.2 Refresh: Core i7-8700k - Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 - 32GB RAM - RX 5700XT Components Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 Motherboard Intel i7-8700K Coffee Lake 6 core 3.7 Processor...
  7. verancl

    Trouble Installing Big Sur - Z97 Haswell

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting Big Sur installed so I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction or at least give me some insight. I've been running an installation of OSX High Sierra (10.13.6) for a few years now and that has run flawlessly (Custom SSDT, kexts, patches...
  8. Lucioconner

    Custom SSD in MacBook Pro A1708 Help my please

    Hi guys, I wanted to ask you for a little help, I know maybe I'm not in the right forum, but it's more likely people who can help me with my problem. I have a 2017 MacBook Pro (A1708) and I upgraded the ssd, from 128 gb to 512, by installing a Sabrent Rocket Nano, with an adapter ... I installed...
  9. janthonys20

    Asus Z170 Deluxe OpenCore macOS 11 Big Sur

    Im starting a Build Thread for my system and I will update with more information as I can put it together. Im assuming you've already created a macOS USB using the proper avenue (meaning from a Mac using the Mac app store). The files I am going to attach are the completed build hot patched...
  10. OozanA

    [SUCCESS] H470 10400 RX580 11.2.2

    board: ASUS TUF GAMING H470-PRO (WI-FI) cpu: intel i5-10400 memory: 4 x CRUCIAL BALLISTIX SPORT AT 8GB 2666mhz gpu: SAPPHIRE RADEON RX580 hdd: SAMSUNG 970 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD 500GB psu: CORSAIR VS650 bios: 2210 (optimized defaults, nothing special) everything -I mean it- works smoothly but RTC...
  11. varunbiday

    Can't Reach Installer on AVITA Liber v14 Using OpenCore (stuck on HID: Legacy shim 2)

    I am trying to install macOS Big Sur on AVITA Liber v14 Specs: CPU: i5 10210u GPU: HD620 Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD USB: 2 USB 3.0 ports I followed the Dortania guide for OpenCore, which I have already successfully followed once for my Hackintosh PC. I have patched the DSDT, made my config.plist...
  12. hmnaakash

    Can I install Catalina on my ASUS Vivobook 15 X512JP?

    ASUS Vivobook 15 X512JP Specs: Processor - Intel Core i7-1065G7 (Ice Lake) / Intel Iris Plus Graphics G7 / 4 cores, 8 threads. Graphics Processor - NVIDIA GeForce MX330 :think::think::think: Sound device - Realtek high definition audio (Intel display audio) I don't know the ALC codec. I think...
  13. taskrov

    << Solved >> Big Sur 11.2.1 migrated from OC 0.6.4 to OC 0.6.6 does not boot.

    Need to read the Guide more carefully. The following helped too: OpenCore 0.6.5 > 0.6.6 differences |
  14. miliuco

    Get info (Cmd + Alt + I) shows horizontal black line only if focus is lost

    Hello everybody. I have observed that, when opening a file or folder or disk information dialog with the keys Cmd + Alt + I (not Cmd + I), very often but not always the dialog window shows a horizontal black stripe, which may be at different heights, but that is only seen if the window has no...
  15. lindsasa

    [SUCCESS] macOS Big Sur ASUS Z490-A, i9-10850K (Comet Lake), OpenCore 0.6.5

    So originally this post was to ask for help to get this set up working but now that it is working I figured I would update it for anyone trying to get this same set of hardware up and running. I am going to leave the original post bellow but the attachments on this post are the final files that...
  16. suvrat777

    apfs module start 2436

    I am trying to install Big Sur 11.1, stuck at "apfs module start 2436". You can find in the image below. I am using clover 0.6.6. All the kexts are updated. Unable to find any solution. Catalina was working perfectly fine. If anyone can provide a working EFI that will be very helpful. Gigabyte...
  17. enero30

    HDMI port not working (UHD630) on BIG SUR 11.2 (OPENCORE)

    So Let me just start off by saying that I've had this issue since I built this machine on Catalina. I have combed the internet trying to find answers with ZERO luck. I have also posted on here back in November asking for help, with ZERO responses as well. So here I am again. Hopefully, someone...
  18. np44

    Big Sur on T3500

    Hello, I currently have macOS Mojave with Clover (MacPro5,1), but decided to move to Big Sur, so I followed OpenCore Windows guide to create a Big Sur installation for a Legacy system (Dell Workstation T3500, Nehalem) [used MacPro6,1 as per guide]. The installation will be on an empty 2TB drive...
  19. Mister24041994

    Big Sur try on Sandy Bridge Asus p8z77-v -lx

    Hi everyone, what could be wrong? Where did I go wrong? e3 1270 ( = i7 2700k) rx 570 4 gb 2 ssd samsung Asus p8z77-v -lx OpenCore
  20. kostrovoy

    [Success] Asus P9X79 Pro (Sandy Bridge-E) — Big Sur with OpenCore

    My decrepit old lady: CPU Type: QuadCore Intel Core i7-3820, 3600 MHz (36 x 100) Motherboard Name: Asus P9X79 Pro (2 PCI-E x1, 4 PCI-E x16, 8 DDR3 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN) Motherboard Chipset: Intel Patsburg X79, Intel Sandy Bridge-E System Memory: 32704 MB (DDR3 SDRAM) Video Adapter: Radeon...