big sur

  1. paperairplane

    get #[EB|LOG:EXITBS:START] trying to install Big Sur

    Unable to get to the install screen of macos Big Sur (11.0). Using OpenCore v0.9.9 (DEBUG). Made the config.plist according to Dortania's guide. I've already checked this: ...
  2. Y2KMonster

    Is there any special changes of EFI for Monterey?

    I followed Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide to preprare EFI files. It works for installing Big Sur. Later I want to upgrade to Monterey or install Monterey. I first upgrade my system, but I got this I don't know how to...
  3. Berk219

    Big Sur Bootloop Issue

    Hi, I am trying to install Big Sur on my Ryzen Laptop. I built my efi and started the installation at 12 minutes remaining mark system did a reboot and there was the new option in OpenCore. So i chose the new option which is "macOS installer" and i get the apple logo after vebose and then it...
  4. kaiothegreat

    Help me, Icons Bug in Big Sur

    Hello! I hope you have a nice day, I am having a problem with the icons in Big Sur 11.2.1, some icons fail and look strange, or are missing, im using open core 0.9.5, I have photos for you to see the problem:
  5. devandriev

    << Solved >> Unable to inject WiFi kext - Invalid Parameter

    Hello, unfortunately, I am unable to inject the Atheros AR5B93/9283 WiFi kernel extension from within OpenCore. The bootloader says there is an invalid parameter in the kext, maybe a missing dependency :( Can anyone help me with figuring it out? EDIT: Add screenshots SOLUTION: The solution is...
  6. venom

    Build restarts randomly, mostly after going to sleep [Big Sur]

    Hi, I recently updated to Big Sur using OC. I am very happy with the build except 1 problem. My build restarts randomly, mostly after waking up from sleep. I couldn't specific info related to this as the error also keeps changing every time. Any help would be really appreciated. EFI and logs...
  7. WanderAlone

    Drivers are not loading after reboot

    Hi! First of all - build: MB: Asus ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming CPU: i9-10900K HDD: WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz (4 x 32 Gb) Add: HPT RocketRAID 2720 SGL (1 volume on 8 HDD) Blackmagic DeckLink SDI (video capturing &...
  8. greyham_666

    << Solved >> Optiplex 7010 USFF Install Issues

    Hi All Followed the Opencore guide in an attempt to get BigSur up and running on my 7010 USFF (3770S, 16GB, DW1550 Wifi/BT Card) with the attached EFI. I'm pretty sure ive set things up properly, but it is my first time trying out opencore. Installer USB boots, runs for a few seconds worth of...
  9. casualart


    So i'm Setting up a hackingtosh, the motherboard GA-Z170X gamer 6 using a Nvidia video card, but I keep getting stuck after I selected the install. Trying to install Big Sur Thanks in advance
  10. maxitenia

    Installation Freeze over Lenovo L430

    Hi, I want to install Big Sur/Catalina in my Lenovo L430 (specs at bottom) the problem is when press install in the Opencore boot menu nothing happens, the notebook freeze, almost the same with clover just the diference is clover stuck after de "++++++++++++" bar. OpenCore 0.9.0: -Kext...
  11. Alms

    Hackintosh Big Sur black screen after verbose

    Hello! I created a Hackintosh Big Sur by following the docs, and i can get into the boot menu, and boot, but after the verbose i get a black screen. Can you tell me why? Thanks!
  12. zeta23

    Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro C50 - OpenCore - Touchpad not working

    I have installed Big Sur on my Toshiba Dynabook Satellite Pro C50-G-10T with OpenCore, after fixing some details I have managed to make everything work (graphics, sound, wifi, bluetooth, standby, shutdown, etc.), but with the Touchpad there has been no way. I have tried VoodooI2C without any...
  13. marloluk

    macOS Big Sur Install Failure (USB?)

    Hey guys! I did have a good installation going on my HP Envy 750-114 (i5-6400, 16gb Ram, SSD), but it became super laggy and weird so I decided to reinstall. I used my same EFI, but have been running into errors all to do with the same thing and I have no idea how to fix it. I have tried...
  14. micmac

    Post Install, Brightness Slider Not Working (Big Sur 11.4)

    Hello I'm a new user of Hackintosh Big Sur 11.4 with OpenCore bootloader. I've successfully installed it, but the brightness slider can't be used, the light from the screen is still very sharp. I've previously looked for references but I'm still having trouble finding a solution, here are the...
  15. RizkiAA

    << Solved >> OpenCore Big Sur Installation stuck on OC : Watchdog status is 0

    Hello everybody... This is the second time for me to install a Hackintosh on a laptop, here is the specifications : Laptop : Lenovo legion 7i-15IMH Processor : Intel Core i7-10750H Memory : 16GB DDR4 iGPU : Intel UHD 630 for 10th Gen Comet Lake-H GT2 dGPU : Nvidia RTX 2070...
  16. ta-bas-co

    Safari 'Favourite Icons' gone after latest updates

    After updating to the latest macOS and Safari my icons are suddenly gone, it's linked to my Apple ID and shared on other idevices where the Safari icons are still visible. Only the Hackintosh doesn't show them anymore. Help is appreciated.
  17. ImSomeOtherGuy

    I have tried everything I can think of and USB 3.0 doesn't work

    Hi everyone! I am currently getting Big Sur to run on an MSI h410i Pro Wifi build. Everything has been put together and I quickly was able to get everything working, except USB 3.0. This didn't really surprise me since I hadn't made a USB map up until that point, so I quickly installed Windows...
  18. mrshk-vv

    [BIG SUR][Open Core][Z68 CHIPSET][i7 2600] Pls help with issue after install OS

    Hi, community ! When I installed Big Sur, I had issue with loading(photo in attachments) My config is: Asus p8z68-v lx i7 2600k Intel graphics 3000 8 gb ram SSD (doesn't matter) So, when I tried to load system, I had seen this. I don't understand, what's happend because this my first try to...
  19. BezLG

    Control CPU's fans : Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 / watercooling

    Hi, I can't control my CPU's Fan who's going fast, very fast : _Coffee Lake i7 8700 _Watercooling Corsair Hydro H115i _Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 _Fan in BIOS turned to "quiet" (lol) _Big Sur 11.5.1 _OC 0.6.7 (attachement) Macs fan control, fanny (etc) don't work. any ideas ? Thanks
  20. n1ki

    big sur on ryzen 5 3600 + rx 570 4gb

    Hi! I am having a problem after the installation... After selecting macOSinstaller the pc restarts... I don't have much more information about this, I leave a txt file that appears in the root of the usb