big sur


    Mouse Lag Intel HD 520 BigSur

    Hello guys i have a problem. Im trying to build my hackintosh. Everything works fine except my usb mouse. It lags after some time. In high sierra im not facing these problems. Please guys i need help fast! Does it help changing the cursor memory? 1mb cursor its showing on hackintool.
  2. LoveAppleTimmu

    macOS big sur 11.6.5 to 11.6.6–lost bluetooth

    I use a fenvi t919 and macOS Big Sur. Computer specs below and to the left. The bluetooth chipset is still supported. I have noticed many users posting about losing Bluetooth when going from 11.6.5 to 11.6.6. Initially, an nvram reset fixes the problem and bluetooth is restored. Then, the next...
  3. jadfer

    Swapped a Radeon VII for 6900XT Red Devil (xtx) but won't work (Big Sur)

    I have a working Hackintosh, running Big Sur 11.6.1 with a Radeon VII, and so far it works fine for my needs. I used opencore .78 and the Dortania setup guide. I wanted to speed up video transcodes by installing the powercolor 6900XT red devil, so I took out the VII and popped this one in. I...
  4. dafenbro

    << Solved >> Big Sur Remote management Eli Lilly and Company + SMBIOS DENIED

    after i'm successfully installed the hackintosh, i was directed to setup the initial configuration.. after i'm connecting to wifi, and choosing language suddenly this prompt "Remote management Eli Lilly and Company" came up, and cannot be skipped. i don't know how to skip it. i tried to log in...
  5. dalecorderoy

    Big Sur vs Monterey (Music Production)

    Hi, I just wanted to gauge some opinions on if it's worth going for a fresh install of Big Sur vs Monterey? I'm a music producer and the plan is to create the most compatible setup for working flawlessly with audio programs. I am currently running High Seira which is working perfectly so I...
  6. two11

    Installing Big Sur on Asus p6t Deluxe V2 and The Update Cannot Be Installed on This Computer error

    I built a USB install disk with Clover and successfully booted into the Big Sur installer. After formatting my SSD to AFPS (Guild Partition Map), I attempted to install big Sur. I received the message that "The Update Cannot Be Installed on This Computer." I tried changing the SMBIOS various...
  7. zabalex

    Upgraded to 11.6.5, unable to login because USBs are not detected

    Hello, I just upgraded to 11.6.5 from my old 11.2.3 system. I am on OpenCore 0.6.7, and was hoping this would be acceptable to run the upgrade. At first, everything was going well until the final boot, I was looking at the screen where none of my peripherals could be detected. Luckily I was...
  8. oli.mathieu

    MacOS rebuilding Kext Cache after installing BlackMagicDesign Desktop Video

    Hello I'm having hard time to understand how MacOS BigSur & Monterey Works with BlackMagicDesign Desktop Video Installation What I did on Big Sur I launch the Desktop Video installation Just before the end, a pop window with a Button appears ➧ Open Security Prefpan I Click on and Unlock the...
  9. TurboPablo

    Opencore EFI problem with Acer Veriton N4640G USFF system (i5-6500t H110 based)

    Hello to the community I have a weird issue where I couldn´t pass almost half-way of the loading bar (Opencore afa bootloader was showing up fine and would boot into other OSes but not MacOS) and I realised I had installed the release version of OC so I tried to replace the files with the debug...
  10. OxTheLade

    (HELP) No sound in Big Sur OpenCore

    So I have just done my first hackintosh on a Lenovo Thinkpad T440, but the audio is not working for some reason. The output isn't even showing up at the audio settings. Things I have tried: Tried every layout codes reinstall AppleAlc The Specs are: Model: Lenovo Thinkpad T440 GPU: Intel(R)...
  11. Ritesh

    Big Sur...BIG Problem

    Hello Members, I have just Fresh Install Big sur using open core in my Coffee lake build. The build versions are open core 0.7.9 and Big sur 11.6.4.The System Definition is am using is i Mac 19,1. The first problem was not able to get big sur recovery screen after booting from USB.I...
  12. nachiketmore

    Want to build Hakintosh with I7 11th generation and MSI motherboard, it is possible?

    My Configuration is as below CPU: i7-11700K Motherboard: MS-7D18 RAM: 16 GB GPU - Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 I know with Nvidia It may be not possible. so please suggest best graphics card. Also I have doubt that i7 11th generation supports hakintosh or not. I want dual boot with Windows 11. Also I...
  13. scud

    Opencore Big Sur installation - Stuck at Apple logo

    MOBO: Gigabyte H370M DS3H with Intel Core i5-8400 Box Trying to install Big Sur but although the installer USB is visible on the picker, when I select it it gets stuck on the Apple logo with no progress bar at all. Also, I don't see the internal volume on the picker. I am attaching the EFI...
  14. EmanuelTheDude

    Updating from Catalina to Monterey

    Hi, my beloved Hackintosh still runs on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.2 (19C57). If I start the Monterey update via System Preferences the download of Monterey (12GB) runs fine. I then get the install pop up window. I click continue, choose my drive (i have only one) and run the update. After the...
  15. peterabomb

    So Close! Big Sur - Intel i7-10700K + z490I Aorus Ultra - Keeps restarting

    This was working ok for a while but now it keeps restarting and I'm not experienced/knowledgeable enough to work out why and I've spent hours trying to figure it out. PLEASE SEND HELP! I've attached my EFI and the diagnostics folder. Thanks in advance! Peterxxx
  16. alphadroid

    Keyboard and mouse dosnt work on BIG SUR USB INSTALL

    Hi guys, My hardware is:Video 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-11400 Motherboard Gigabyte B560M DS3H NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Asus I am facing a real difficult to install Big sur or catalina on my desktop, i goy the installation screen, but stay stuck and the usb dosent work. Trying alternative...
  17. sincerehumanbeing

    [AppleALC] Internal speakers not working on Optiplex 3010 MT

    Hello, I installed the latest Big Sur on an Optiplex 3010 and everything except sound seems to be working after following dortania's guide. Here are my specs: Motherboard: Dell OEM, H61 Chipset CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 3.30 GHz iGPU: Intel HD Graphics 2500 dGPU: AMD Radeon HD 7870 Ram: 8GB DDR3...
  18. MacGeoDoc

    << Solved >> AppleALC not recognizing AD2000B, OpenCore, Asus P5Q-E, Big Sur

    I have already posted this on our sister forum and received no response. I was hoping I might have better luck over here . I have successfully installed Big Sur on an old socket 775 Asus P5Q-E using OpenCore 0.7.0 (edit:I have since updated to OC 0.7.8). I have managed to get everything working...
  19. pdubya

    Big Sur / Open Core / Lenovo T430u reboot during installer load (EB|LOG:EXITBS:START])

    Hi, after selecting the boot partition on the USB installer the laptop reboots. Vanilla install following this guide: Log attached.
  20. eisenhornet

    Advice direct update from Sierra(10.12.6) to Big Sur/Catalina

    Dear tonymacx86 Community, I need some advice before I take the big shot in upgrading my OSX in dual boot (osx & win10 on separate SSDs) system from Sierra to Big Sur. First things first: Is a direct update possible without out a complete reinstall? Hardware wise: I presume that I won't be...