1. SirMemesALot

    Completely new to this, help to see compatibility 8)

    Hey guys, i am completely new to this don't even know where to begin. So basicaly used a macbook for a week and fell in love with the OS. Here is my DXDiag print i have no ideia what i need, or if i am compatible at all.
  2. ethical-legond


    Hello, I've been working with computers almost all my life and i only heard about hackintosh once or twice, I recently been visiting forums about how to get started with my collection of laptops, one in particular my dell inspiron E5200 core-I5-25020m. I cant find any forums or guides to get...
  3. androuboudreau

    Converting Existing Custom PC to Hackintosh as a Newbie

    I just finished building my first PC build and I'm not a huge fan. I am very much a beginner in the world of builds and was wondering how feasible making the switch from my current PC setup to OS X would be? I know that Hackintosh builds are fairly MOBO dependent, is there anything that I...
  4. Moviemaykr

    Can anyone explain the easiest Hackintosh Build for beginners.

    I'm looking for an almost plug and play build where you don't have to install any kexts or mess with any files. All I want to do is use UniBeast and MultiBeast to have a stable machine built for light editing. Please give me links or examples of the most simple version to build that is...
  5. zearthur99

    I have an old laptop lying around. Am i acctually able to run El Capitan in it?

    It's an HP G42-215BR. I3 350M @ 2.27GHz x 4 6GB of RAM 150GB of HDD Since it's a laptop, It has a custom motherboad(I think) and this kind of thing. I'm actually a beginner and I don't know exactly where to start. Do I need specific hardware? Does it also work on laptops?
  6. mikemc92

    Complete beginner, a couple of questions

    I am a complete beginner that wants to build my own hackintosh. Since i have read that it can be quite tricky i have decided to build a pc first. What I plan on doing is building the pc with parts that are compatible for a hackintosh but installing windows first. Then once i feel confident i...