1. QKT

    Wifi sleep issue Mojave 10.14.4

    Hey everyone,I installed High Sierra on my laptop (Hp 15 d062tu - wifi card Broadcom BCM943225HMB) a few months ago and wifi worked properly. After I upgraded Mac to 10.14.4 I have an issue (10.14.3 work fine): 1. If wifi turn on before sleep, the wifi was turned off and I am unable to turn on...
  2. NgocTP

    Wifi is turned off after connect bluetooth

    I'm using BCM943225HMB for WiFi and Bluetooth. It works perfectly on El Capitan. But on Sierra and High Sierra, with new EFI, when I connect speaker via Bluetooth, the WiFi is automatically turned off. There's no way to turn it on until a reboot. Please tell me what I can check/patch for fixing...
  3. ypz801

    BT and Wifi working on GA-H87N-Wifi (CustoMac Mini) using BCM943225HMB

    As some of you have been struggling to get WifI and/or Bluetooth to work properly on the CustoMac mini (Gigabyte GA-H87N motherboard with Haswell cpu), I thought I let you know what I did to get it both working. You should already know that the Gigabyte motherboard comes with an Intel mPCI...