1. igor.m97

    Sony VAIO-problems =[

    Hello, I have Sony VAIO VPC-F23S1E. I've just installed drivers MAC OS x 10.9 using MultiBeast. I’m kind new in "mackintosh' stuff so I don't really know how to fix my problems. I would be grateful if someone helps me (in „the easy way"). Problems: 1.I could not connect to my wi-fi rounter, i...
  2. xin344

    Bluetooth AR3011 not work well with only battery

    Hi there, there's a problem I found bluetooth devices such as keyboard not work well when I use BATTERY, I have no idea, do every one have any idea? Or dealing with this? Thank you for your reading, and please give me a way to show this problem out.
  3. wriggler

    ThinkPad X220 on Mavericks - battery questions

    Hi all. Thanks to the various info on this forum, I've managed to get my Thinkpad X220 working very nicely with Mavericks. The only things that don't work yet are VGA out and the SD card reader (which I got to work with the Voodoo driver, but had frequent KPs on boot, so have disabled it for...
  4. carucio

    Battery status on Lenovo t431s

    Dear all, after a lot of playing, kernel panics and broken startup sequences I'm almost done configuring Mavericks on my Ivy Bridge Lenovo t431s. Audio, ps2 keyboard and trackpad, hd4000, bluetooth, wireless (got a usb adapter), screen brightness, speedstep.. everything seems to be working fine...

    Battery meter and other troubles on Packard Bell TS44HR-035UK Nearly there.

    Hi everyone. The Unit is a Packard Bell Easynote TS44hr-035UK. i5-2450m 8 GB RAM Intel HD 3000 256 GB Samsung 840 SSD OS X 10.9 ALC 269 Audio VoodooHDA 2.8.2 only with kernalCache = No WIFI working modified IO80211family.kext ethernet Broadcom netlink BCM577XX not working HDMI...
  6. BumbbleBee

    Power Management Not working HP Pavilion Help!

    Hi, I just followed the tutorial here about power management. I installed the latest ProBook Installer 6.1.7 then select only the SSDT. After that I Uncheck the GenerateCStates and the GeneratePStates then check the DropSSDT. After that I restart but im not sure If i got it right. because it...
  7. jack7676

    Cant have both Battery and Ivy PM working at same time

    So when I use my 1.6 version AppleACPIPlatform.kext, I get working Ivy PM and sleep, however I dont get working battery When I use any other version, I get working Battery, but not working Ivy PM/Sleep Is there any version that can get me both working? Or any other solutions? I'm on...
  8. ferro517

    Dell Latitude E6230 AppleSmartBatteryManager DSDT

    Help with Dell Latitude E6230 AppleSmartBatteryManager and DSDT After four years I finally got a new laptop and I'll admit I'm pretty rusty. I stopped on SL with the Vostro 1310 I just retired. I got this laptop pretty much working as good as it gets except for the battery using the newer...
  9. blaine93

    Probook will not turn on unless plugged in.

    So I just realized that my 4430s on 10.8.2 will not turn on unless it is plugged into the charger and if I unplug it while its on it instantly turns off. It was working fine a week ago but I guess it could be a battery problem but I don't have a spare to test it out. Just wondering if anyone had...
  10. rahul.shc

    no wifi, sound & battery icon after installing mountain lion 10.8.3

    Hi everyone yesterday I installed mountain lion 10.8.3 on my probook 4530s using unibeast. I am experiencing issues with wifi, sound & battery icon. No wifi is detected. wifi button colour stays white. I had applied the Atheros patch in probook installer 6.1 beta 5 but no luck. I didn't patch...
  11. MattPanton

    Battery Monitor and Ethernet

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAPE-00H00KEN) after a successful install of SL then I have found out that SL thinks my laptop is a Mac Pro and hence because of that it won't allow me to have a battery symbol in the bar at the top. I am also having trouble getting any ethernet kexts...
  12. jpad1208

    Turn Off Bluetooth on Atheros Card?

    Turn Off Bluetooth on Atheros Card? Save Battery Life? Would taping the bluetooth part of the wifi card turn off bluetooth? And theoretically, would this increase the battery life since the bluetooth is completely off? Or would it not affect the battery life at all?
  13. frantisek.nesveda

    [Q] Battery capacity decreasing rapidly

    Hi, I know the battery life in OS X was never very good on the Probook line, but I am afraid OS X is also somehow destroying the battery. Recently I found out that I can only squeeze out around 1 hour of life from the battery and then the laptop dies without warning, and just a moment before...
  14. azactro

    Battery problem + 4530s

    I have ML on my 4530s, but for some reason my laptop won't run on the battery. Not sure if it is a hardware or software problem. I bought a new battery and it allowed me to run the laptop with out the AC, but the laptop wouldn't charge the new battery and if I was running off the battery and...