1. N850HP6

    [Help] Battery indicator is red even when at 100%

    My battery indicator sometimes will be red and macOS will warn me to plug in my charger (which is already plugged in and never detected) even though the status reads correctly as 100%. I use the ACPIBatteryManager.kext to make the percentage work. I checked my DSDT and it does not have any...
  2. Domylol

    [solved] Error to compilate dsdt file for battery (ASUS Vivobook)

    Hi, I'm trying to compilate dsdt file with MaciASL but it report me 3 can I resolve? The file that I upload is the original DSDT.aml, no patched (I've tried to extract them from linux but the file is the same) I don't speak english so sorry for the eventual errors :)
  3. MagicTom

    HP Zbook POST error

    Hi! I've been working on getting my HP Zbook Studio G3 to function as a dual-booting Hackintosh. Inside are two M2 SSD's, each dedicated to their own OS (Win10 and High Sierra). I've got it booting all right with the help of Clover and am in the process of installing kexts. However, sometimes...
  4. maiconjs

    Kernel log (AppleACPIEC) ACPI: no ECDT

    I'm trying to fix this record in the log, making some changes in my dsdt. I checked with the DSDT some things that is causing problems: * In DSDT there are two PNP0C09 devices (EC and H_EC). * Names like SLPC and MCAP, present in the IGPU are in H_EC that appears to be a useless device. (A...
  5. chrstphrchvz

    Force trackpad preferences without battery?

    I have a MacBook Pro 13-inch mid 2010, which I removed the battery from due to it swelling to the point that the trackpad could no longer physically click. But removing the battery causes the trackpad preference pane in System Preferences to be empty (at least in both macOS 10.13 and 10.14 beta)...
  6. Kuque

    Elitebook 1050 G1:Battery status is not accurate

    100% of the battery will last a long time before it starts to drop.Then get inaccurate battery remaining percentage. Remaining mAh of the battery is inconsistent with the percentage status.Errors will exist for a long time and will not be corrected automatically.
  7. magneto538

    Battery draining fast when sleeping/turned off

    I've completed a Sierra build on a fresh HP Pavilion 15 2018. I'm facing an issue with the battery draining fast even when the laptop is sleeping or turned off. The battery level drops by 50-60% overnight. I have noticed that every now and then the laptop turns on from sleep, which I thought to...
  8. m93ptiny

    HP 840 G1 HS Battery Drain During Sleep

    The 840 G1 works perfectly with HS by using RehabMan's guide. The only issue bother me is the sleep battery drain. Here is comparison between Windows 10 and HS: Windows 10: sleep for 64 hours, battery from 100% to 78% HS: sleep for 20 hours, battery from 78% to 50% All of the USB ports seems...
  9. brianwong11031

    [HELP][Internal sd card reader not working and no HDMI audio]

    My hackintosh laptop has no HDMI audio. and my internal sd card reader not working too. and one more problem is my laptop cannot wake up from sleep. Here is the problem reporting file:
  10. brianwong11031

    Help! Can not wake up after system get in sleep mode!

    System: 10.13.6 When my laptop entered the sleep mode I must unplug the battery to restart. If I do not unplug there's no way to wake up or restart even press the power button(for a long time).
  11. dark_skulll

    Battery status not work

    I have a Samsung NP530U3C-A04PT patched the patch on DSDT but the battery status does not work follow the patch guide Used System: macOS Mojave
  12. krishnapal

    My Battery is draining very fast!

    my version is hackintosh sierra 10.12.2 Graphics : hd 5500 anyone help?
  13. kieranballard2

    HP OMEN 15-ax202na

    Hey, Today I hacked my HP OMEN 15-ax202na. Here's what's working: Display output Keyboard/Trackpad (although the trackpad could do with a better kext or patch - it's pretty jumpy) Bluetooth - Intel WiFi/Bluetooth chip (I wasn't able to connect my MX Master 2S, but I am able to tether from my...
  14. diaayousef

    ASUS Q405UA, battery indicator keeps freezing

    Hi The battery indicator in the menu bar keeps freezing randomly. It does not update the battery percentage and does not update the charging or discharging state of the battery. But when I unplug and replug the charger, I can hear the charging sound. I can also see the actual battery level in...
  15. SimsonFahrer

    Few problems after updating to High Sierra

    Hi everyone, I've decided to upgrade to High Sierra today, directly upgraded from a nicely working Sierra installation. I'm still facing a few weird issues though. 1. The battery indicator doesn't work even though I've installed the latest version of ACPI Battery Manager. ACPI should also be...
  16. Hendawy

    MacOS Problem

    Hi there, I have installed macOS Sierra on my laptop and I had some issues regarding the processor and the graphic as the system information was reading them as "unknown" and after upgrading to 10.12.6 these problems were resolved thats shown in my attachements . now the point is that I...
  17. Pragyan

    UX501VW Post Installation

    I was successful on installing High Sierra on my laptop. Thanks to @feartech @RehabMan @ixmagellan. I have my ethernet working through USB Type-C dongle. I have my Intel Graphics Fix up too. But I have not been able to understand and implement the fix for audio, Nvidia Driver, Touchpad, Battery...
  18. ammoune78

    HP PROBOOK 650 G1 battery, sound, hd4600 and BCM20702A0 problem

    Hey all, I'm having problem to get this laptop run with High Sierra, the config is: CPU: i5 4200M IGPU: HD 4600 HDA: IDT 92HD91BXX WIFI: BCM20702A0 With newest kext I can't past IOGraphicsFlag ... With El Capitan kexts I have Kernel Panic But if I boot to El Capitan installed drive sound not...
  19. tuxtard

    HP 15-bc010nm problems

    Hi, Main problem with this model is that battery gets broken the moment MacOS boots. For example, if I boot to MacOS at 42% it will stay at 42% until the battery drains completely and laptop just switches off, or I do EC reset. Even if I switch to Windows battery won't charge (indicator says...
  20. witampanstwa

    [solved] Laptop battery problem

    Hello. I have installed vanilla Mac OS X Sierra on the disc where I also have my Windows 10, Ubuntu and another Mac OS installed (each on a different partition of course). Everything works fine, except that when I boot to Windows and then disconnect my laptop from the charger, it randomly...