1. bentheball1

    Object does not exist (BCR_) when patching DSDT file

    i am trying to use rehabmans battery patch for hp probook 4x0 g1. i click apply, and then i try to save it but then i get "Line 9290, Code 6084, Object does not exist (BCR_)". i have no idea how to solve this so any help is appreciated. thanks
  2. Rizvee500

    My battery indicator isn’t working. Dsdt patch error

    I’ve installed mac os mojave & fortunetly everything working expect battery icon on top. Nor I can’t patch it or I can’t edit dsdt file Can anyone help me to edit it? My laptop is HP pavilion 15cc12tu Core i5 8th 240ssd 8gb ddr4 ram
  3. Jasonintosh

    CPU Power Management Problem

    I have enabled Native CPU Power Management by setting plugintype=true. I checked the IOREGEXPLORER and under the PR00@0 the plugintype is 0x1 (true) and x86PlatformPlugin is loaded. But the power usage is still very high comparing to window's. When Mac OS is idling, the average intel pkg power...

    Hackintosh freeze upon connecting and disconnecting power source to Laptop

    As stated by the question my hackintosh freezes instantly upon switching to battery power from charger and vice versa. I tried searching but couldn't find the solution. I have attached my EFI folder. Kindly help...
  5. xz97if

    Audio-DSDT error HP Omen

    Hi, I installed Mac OS High Sierra yesterday, but, following tutorials in this forum (RehabMan's tutorials) literally all give me errors. First of all, my laptop is a HP Omen 16GB ram, motherboard HP 8259, graphic Intel HD 630 + GTX 1050 (disabled with arg -disablegfxfirmware and -nv_disable=1)...
  6. v0xnihili

    No bytes in ERAM field larger than 8 bit

    Dear community, This is my first post here, so please notify me if I forgot to attach files or other required information. I just set up my first Hackintosh laptop running Mojave and I got almost everything perfect, except for the battery status/percentage indicator. After some googling and...
  7. N8261D

    Lenovo Flex 4-1480 No audio, battery status, wrong graphics. Help identify trackpad

    Hello all. I have just purchased a Lenovo Flex 4-1480 (specs below) and successfully installed macOS Mojave on it. I had to switch out the qualcomm wifi card for a DW1830, but other than that, all is good. The graphics are working great. Most things seem to be good right now. However, I can't...
  8. ryansat46

    Battery indicator and fn function disappear after booting into windows

    greetings all, the problem is suddenly my touchpad,keyboard and battery indicator not appear in osx after i use windows in certain time. after doing some research i could make touchpad and keyboard working again but the battery status is still not appear. so what i should do?
  9. ammoune78

    I need help on getting battery and fans patch

    Hi, I'm having problem to get, battery and fans patch for my laptop. It's a HP Pavilion dv6-1380ek, with a Core 2 Duo P8800 and HD 4650 Mobility with 1024Mb. I've got all things working, exept for the battery and fans. My DSDT.dsl will be posted, if dear @RehabMan can initially suggest something...
  10. Looseno

    Battery problem on HP Elitebook 810 G3

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and i have my HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G3 who is now on Mojave 10.14.3. A friend of mine who is familiar with hackintoshing helped me all long. He succeeded to make everything right from audio to luminosity and tactile etc... But I still have a problem, the battery is...
  11. andresnp

    Brightness Keys and Battery on HP Pavilion Power 15

    Hello everybody, after a lot of try and errors I succeed to install Hackintosh Mojave in my laptop. I have everything working except the brightness controls, the battery level, and the power management. If anyone can help me, please do it. Also, if you know something or have a similar laptop...
  12. Tsunkuudandere

    Help with battery Hotpatch HP OMEN X 17-AP020NR

    OK, So I know I already posted something about this, but this time my issue is different, and I have a better bearing on my issue. I created a battery patch that worked for my computer, patched the DSDT, then added in ACPIBatteryManager.kext, and got everything to work. The issue comes when I...
  13. cephasara

    Solved > HP Elite X2 1012 G2 battery reporting 0%

    Hi all, I have been trying to get battery status working on my HP Elite X2 1012. I have installed the ACPIBatteryManager.kext in /S/L/E, but to no avail, it is not working. I have attached problem reporting files. EDIT: A few, extra, helpful details I am using a DSDT with the following...
  14. ipiPObreve

    HELP with brightness, hdmi and battery

    Hi I'm new at this world of hackintoshing, but I successfully installed latest version of mojave on my LG Gram 15z970, but I don't know what is wrong with my clover folder that I can't have none of these working, I already follow the guides to battery and brightness of Rehab but with no...
  15. thunky

    Can't get past this screen when booting for the first time

    Hey, today my new PC arrived with following specs: Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z370-A II CPU: Intel i9 9900K GPU: ASUS Radeon Vega 64 8GB RAM: 64GB HyperX Predator DDR4 (only put in 16GB during installation SSD: 1TB Samsung EVO 960 Evo I followed a Vanilla Guide from Reddits r/hackintosh and...
  16. Tsunkuudandere

    Battery status not entirely working HP Omen X 17-AP020NR

    I'm trying to create a patch for my battery status, but I've come across a few issues. At first I tried the patch for the G6 2221SS since it was very close to mine, and first, it appeared to be working, but the issue comes up when I try to charge, it doesn't. Because of this, I decided to try...
  17. zbaylin

    ACPIBatteryManager causes Kernel Panic with Patched DSDT - Thinkpad W540

    I have successfully installed High Sierra on my Lenovo Thinkpad W540. One of the last remaining things I need to get working is battery status. I have used both the patch here and made my own (attached) per the guide to attempt to get battery status working. Both patches are essentially the...
  18. KristFlex

    [solved] Battery charging and status update problem

    I have a Medion E6424, which has, as seen in DSDT, two batteries. I merged them together (BATC) in DSDT, but it looks like it's something different. I'm using RehabMans battery kext (the newest version). The problem is (I really think that in the beginning the problem didn't exist) that my...
  19. fivos1996

    Strange battery behaviour

    So I have this problem since yesterday. The battery indicator does crazy things like in the screenshots, and the charge LED of the laptop goes from white to orange constantly as the battery status in macOS changes state back and forth from "xx:xx until full" to "battery is not charging". The...
  20. Siper

    [solved] Hotpatch battery status does not show

    Dear all, My Laptop model is Lenovo Rescure 15ISK, I found the battery hotpatch match my Laptop(, so I use that to fix the my Battery SSDT. And then, I created the battery patch according to the...