1. thymidin

    Battery percentage stuck with SMCBatteryManager

    Hi, I am currently using a rebranded Clevo NL51CU and I have some problems with SMCBatteryManager. It detects the battery correctly but the percentage is stuck (stops updating after some time) especially when discharging and it's sometimes not detecting or taking a lot of time to detect when I...
  2. alaneuler

    Is it programmable to make macOS ignore the power adapter and use only the battery?

    Can I make macOS ignore the power adapter when it's plugged-in? (not just stop charing, which means if I use my mac it will drain the battery) There must be a way to achieve this, because I know an app named Aldente has a functionality call discharge. However Aldente stops to working on macOS...
  3. Baptiste33

    Hardware Catalina

    Hello, I have just successfully installed macOS Catalina on my computer. On the other hand, even after my research I cannot find how: - have wifi (Intel wireless-ac 8265) - have my trackpad -have my battery -have sound Can you help me? Thanks in advance, have a nice day
  4. orbee

    Battery patch for HP Probook G5 440

    Hey guys, i have trouble with battery patch for hp probook g5 440. Everythings working fine but battery become red and go instantly to 1% sometimes. Then the pc working fine for like 2 hours with battery at 1%, so probably my battery patch is wrong. Can you help me? ill attach my efi. PS: in...
  5. Eddi195

    Ivy bridge don’t work. Trackpad, Bluetooth, sound and Battery readings Big sur 11.5.2

    I managed to mount bigsur on a laptop Sony VAIO Intel Core i5 (3rd Gen) 3230M Audio códex: Realtek ALC269VC Card wifi: Atheros WV225 Trackpad signed by: synaptics I've tried everything but I can't fix the audio or battery data, the strange thing is that when I connect the laptop suddenly the...
  6. Nader70

    battery charging indicator issue

    Guys, i faced a problem with battery charging indicator in BigSur 11.4 on Hp Pavilion 15-cc102tx. - Issue: battery indicator is showing power source: battery when it either in plug or on battery and read-out percentage will not update during charging! - Note: 1- when it's un-plug draining...
  7. crvl

    << Solved >> Replaced battery, now can't boot

    I have a Dell XPS 9360 installed with Catalina hackintosh and the other day my battery died (when I plugged the laptop in with a charger there was no battery sign on login). Soon after I noticed this the laptop crashed and flashed amber and white at the bottom. Forward to today, I installed a...
  8. Bakk

    Need help to set the battery and choosing which wifi card should i install!

    Hello everybody, i hope you are all well! :wave: I finally installed Catalina on my Acer Aspire V15 V3574G-53WB. At the moment touchpad, graphics and audio are working well! But when i tryed to make the battery status working i get some problems. May someone help me to figure it out what is...
  9. tomaximoto

    HP Elitebook 840 G7 - last mile

    Hi, I managed to hack my HP Elitebook 840 G7 with Opencore 0.6.5 and Big Sur except for a few things, unfortunately those are as far as I know the most complicated once and I really need them... First things first, I wanted to map my USB-ports after installing as the shutdown isn't working...
  10. Vries

    OC 6.4, BigSur install flashed firmware which disabled my battery

    I have my config.plist set to MacBook 8,1 as that's what's recommended for Broadwell and during BigSur install it flashed firmware for said MacBook which can be found in APPLE's EFI folder and is attached below. Now the laptop can only be used on AC, when disconnected it instantly powers off...
  11. Vries

    HP ENVY x2 13 - After updating to Sur laptop can only be powered by AC

    As in title, after seemingly successful upgrade from fully working Catalina laptop [HP Envy x2 13] can no longer be used on battery, after the charger cable is disconnected the laptop instantly powers off [fully, which it normally doesn't do, you have to force it] no blinking standby led...
  12. kecinzer

    Bad battery life with OpenCore (Elitebook 850 G5)

    I have nice setup with my HP EliteBook 850 G5 and latest OpenCore. Everything works well expect no that nice battery life. I can get around half time of Windows battery life. I went tru all Open Core guides including USB mapping. I don't know what is wrong. Here is my setup -...
  13. cornix

    Sleep, battery draining and weird keyboard or touchpad problem Lenovo S145-15IWL

    Hi! I successfully installed macOS 10.15.3 and everything is working fine except sleep, the battery is draining quicker and weird keyboard or touchpad inputs. For battery, I disabled a discrete graphic card (Nvidia MX110 [when disabled strange lag after first 5 seconds after boot {and disappears...
  14. RAFFAY

    Battery and Audio Not Working in Big Sur

    Hi Guys, I have a near perfect Catalina 10.15.6 set-up but I want to try out Big Sur. I'm using OC 0.6.1 and the latest kexts. I'm having a weird issue that both my battery status and the audio are not working. I have both of these running perfectly under Catalina but not under Big Sur. Can...
  15. RizkiAA

    << Solved >> Can't press "Apply" when trying to Patch for working battery status

    Hello everyone.....:wave: I'm running macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) trying to Patch for a working battery status for my laptop(ASUS K46CM) from the provided guide : This guide provided by RehabMan it asks me to change the field so it is broken into two pieces(low-byte, high-byte) (In this case...
  16. vincenzo929292

    Samsung Ativ 7 NP730U3E and Catalina 15.10

    Samsung Ativ NP730U3e I need a hand .... 1) For WiFi (Intel Centrino Advance n3265) bluetooth works but WiFi does not, I have seen that they have developed AppleIntelWiFi drivers but I don't think they work. So my solution is to buy an Atheros with WiFi and Bluetooth. Which model do you...
  17. raqall

    ThinkPad S440 Battery Status: DSDT patching

    Hello! I'm having difficulties patching my DSDT to enable battery status monitoring on my laptop. I've looked through the forum and I found post mentioning that Yoga S1 patch helped (but eventually the battery status became "stuck" on 97%), another user mentioned he made it work, but didn't...
  18. k.kemic

    HP Probook 450 G6 - Battery indicator (battery empty warning comes on full battery)

    Dear Community, I've managed to install macOS Catalina 10.15.2 on my HP Probook (i7-8565u, 32GB RAM). I am still waiting on the WiFi card with hopes that everything will be ok. The only annoying thing is battery indicator. It changes status from normal to red too early and doesn't warn me when...
  19. bentheball1

    Object does not exist (BCR_) when patching DSDT file

    i am trying to use rehabmans battery patch for hp probook 4x0 g1. i click apply, and then i try to save it but then i get "Line 9290, Code 6084, Object does not exist (BCR_)". i have no idea how to solve this so any help is appreciated. thanks
  20. Jasonintosh

    CPU Power Management Problem

    I have enabled Native CPU Power Management by setting plugintype=true. I checked the IOREGEXPLORER and under the PR00@0 the plugintype is 0x1 (true) and x86PlatformPlugin is loaded. But the power usage is still very high comparing to window's. When Mac OS is idling, the average intel pkg power...