battery manager

  1. k.kemic

    HP Probook 450 G6 - Battery indicator (battery empty warning comes on full battery)

    Dear Community, I've managed to install macOS Catalina 10.15.2 on my HP Probook (i7-8565u, 32GB RAM). I am still waiting on the WiFi card with hopes that everything will be ok. The only annoying thing is battery indicator. It changes status from normal to red too early and doesn't warn me when...
  2. pergijauhsekali

    << Solved >> Battery Not Charging Mojave

    Dear All, It has been 1 week since I tried my best to patch the battery on my Mojave, but the result is always the same. I really frustrated about this. Anyone please help me patch the battery.
  3. ryansat46

    Battery indicator and fn function disappear after booting into windows

    greetings all, the problem is suddenly my touchpad,keyboard and battery indicator not appear in osx after i use windows in certain time. after doing some research i could make touchpad and keyboard working again but the battery status is still not appear. so what i should do?
  4. TheBerto

    [solved] HP Battery Defective Bios alert

    Hi, I succefuly installed osx mojave on my Omen dc-0007nl with everything working except for the 3 minutes black sreen at the start (i am waiting for a fix), and battery status. This is what i did (i got all this things form RehabMan's github): - I installed OS-X-ACPI-Battery-Driver, repaired...
  5. krishnapal

    My Battery is draining very fast!

    my version is hackintosh sierra 10.12.2 Graphics : hd 5500 anyone help?
  6. KoNdar

    Sony Vaio VPCEH2M1R - The battery does not work by the method RehabMan

    Hi My name is Vova please help me settings battery for laptop.. Device battery name: VGP-BPS26 Installed version of the system OS X 10.12.5 Thank you dear friend that did not pass by Here is a system dump, laptop data, a clover data.... in file check..
  7. c0re

    How to create DSDT for a Fujitsu AH532 on mavericks 10.9.2?

    Hello! I just installed Mavericks on a AH532 i5 2340m with HD3000 graphics and HM76 chipset. I´ve installed multi beast using DSDT free and create SSDT with HP ProBook installer. The laptop works great with 10.9.2 but I don´t have battery manager working. I read somewhere that I need to edit...
  8. jannek

    [solved] 4530s won't boot up after installation

    Hello, I bought a Probook 4530s and followed this guide: Guide to Installing Mountain Lion on HP Probook It all worked properly until the step 15. I shut down the laptop, removed the flash drive and started the computer again. The normal boot-screen appeared and after a few seconds there...