1. CuriousMac

    Time Machine

    Hello all, This randomly popped up into my head, thought I'd get some input on this subject. I currently have a few Time Machine drives which I use incase a backup is needed etc. Lets say the macOS is linked to x[@] Say I decide to reinstall my Hackintosh, this time I also create a...
  2. MarkLalor

    Switching Mac and Windows Physical Drives

    Hi there! I have two operating system drives installed in my system: a 500 GB 850 evo that I had initially installed Windows 10 on, and a 250 GB 850 evo that I have got macOS Sierra up and running on. I am sort of realizing now... that I wish I installed Mac on the 500 GB drive and Windows on...
  3. jyanes83

    Script to Backup EFI volume - EFI Mounter

    For those that are interested i created a simple script that allows you to quickly identify and map your primary drive EFI volume. I am using this in conjunction with Chronosync to schedule regular backups of my EFI volume to another drive in case of primary drive failure. Chronosync lets...
  4. liamhornby67

    TimeMachine Error: Error occurred creating backup folder

    Hi Guys I have recently been getting this error with my two External HardDrives that are connected for my time machine backups. Error occurred creating backup folder The two externals were originally connected via a USB hub which i thought could be the problem so i connected it directly to...