1. Gutz_Otoole

    Time Machine Restoration Stuck

    This thread refers to an older hack that ran just fine until I used Onyx. Though Onyx has been a reliable tool in the past, this time for some reason it left my machine unable to complete the boot sequence for macOS 10.13.6. The EFI bootloader appears intact and it allowed me to boot into...
  2. geoffoliver

    << Solved >> Backup using dd?

    I was wondering if it's possible to create a backup of my system (for upgrade purposes, etc) using the "dd" command line program in Linux. I've seen a million articles about using CCCloner and other stuff, but it really seems like I should be able to use dd to make an image of the drive that I...
  3. vratnik

    << Solved >> Backup MacOS drive from Windows

    I have MacOS installed on 250GB nvme1 Windows installed on 250GB nvme2 a 8TB drive hooked to a raspberry in the other room I can backup windows drive using dd over network no problem from MacOS. Set to run regularly from cron. Occasionally I go to windows when want to play GTA so I'd welcome a...
  4. DanTechMedia

    What is the best way to backup EVERYTHING

    Hello everyone, I recently ran into an issue with my Catalina Hackintosh that I may need to completely reinstall macOS Catalina. If/when I do, I’d like to create a back up of the whole entire drive. I am aware of Time Machine and how it’s possible to restore from a backup but I’ve also read...
  5. TheLexus

    Booting CCC Copy from second HDD

    Hi guys, i have problem booting from my CCC Backup HDD. It seems to be related to the fact that my Primary HDD is attached to the system, here is the story: I had a problem updating to Catalina latest Update and screwed up my primary installation. Clover even does not showed it anymore, but i...
  6. TheITBaron

    Errors when booting from a backup. Any thoughts?

    Hi everyone, I had a failed upgrade attempt and am trying to utilize my backup HDD. My original was a 1TB SSD and I have a 1TB HDD backup which I cloned using "dd" in terminal and Carbon Copy Cloner, before upgrading. My EFI partition was copied successfully along with a functional Mac OS...
  7. Psychilles

    Bootable backup mixed file systems

    I'm setting my first build and I was wondering if I can make a bootable backup from a High Sierra APFS SSD to an HFS HDD? Or will that mess up my backup?
  8. Freistellheld

    Create dmg Image of High Sierra via Disk Utility

    Hi everyone, Up until macOS Sierra I backed up my boot Drive via Disk Utility from the USB install stick and created a dmg file to an external storage. How can I do this with High Sierra and its apfs file system? I tried to do so by checking the list view option at the top left corner of Disk...
  9. nivekc711

    Compatible with High Sierra

    Hey all, it's been forever since I tinkered with this stuff (more or less running smoothly since install) and I was wondering if my system is compatible with High Sierra. I know what a hassle it can be to update but I really want a new update on some software that needs a more current OSX. I am...
  10. xWaVeXeVaWx

    Sierra - "Mounting EFI Failed" - Attempted After Time Machine Recovery

    Background: Attempted High Sierra multiple times, failed all those times, and am reverting back to my Time Machine backup. Installed Sierra and then recovered from Time Machine via Recovery Mode. Have a version 6 motherboard so I use Legacy Mode. macOS 10.12.6 Multibeast 9.0.1 and 9.2.1...
  11. wombat94

    EFIClone - automatic backup of the EFI partition

    I'm glad to present the first version of EFIClone - a shell script that, when combined with either Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!, will allow fully automatic, one-step backups of bootable Hackintosh hard drives. CCC and SD! only copy the visible macOS partition - and leave the EFI partition...
  12. Matteo1998Roma

    Downgrade From High Sierra to Sierra

    Hi everyone, i updated my hackintosh from sierra to high. Due to performance issue i want to restore sierra from a USB Backup i made with CCC. How can i do that? How to return to HFS+ from APFS? thanks
  13. demiankz

    Unable to Boot (or properly create) Bootable USB backup disk, High Sierra

    Used SuperDuper to clone internal, APFS-formatted SSD containing fresh, working High Sierra 10.13.1 install onto freshly formatted HFS+J external USB HDD (linked via working USB 2 port) Used most recent version of Clover to install Clover onto same external USB Replaced USB EFI folder with...
  14. johnthegreat

    updating to sierra from mavericks 10.9.0

    Im trying to update from mavericks 10.9.0 to the current sierra. I have an Intel core I7 3770k processor and a Gigabyte z97 ud5h motherboard. Heres a link to the motherboard on Gigabyte's website. Im just trying to find the easiest and...
  15. CornelM98

    Best way of backup

    Good morning, A few days ago, after trying to get HDMI audio to work on my HD530, my build broke so I had to freshly install it. The same happened after I installed other kexts as well. Fortunately it is a brand new build so I didn't lose any important data. I hate to format my hard drive every...
  16. Solvoid

    Backing up questions ("dd" command, SuperDuper, Time Machine). Preparing to upgrade OS.

    I am getting ready to upgrade my OS from Mountain Lion 10.8.2 to either El Capitan or Sierra. I unplugged my 128GB SSD boot drive and plugged it into my dad's CentOS 6 machine (which BTW couldn't read or mount the hfs+ Mac OS Extended(Journaled) file-system). On that we used the dd command "dd...
  17. gwatt

    Making exact backup using clover before install. Confused

    Hi So I am working towards an upgrade from Yosemite to Sierra. I originally got Yosemite working using clover but I forgot exactly how it works. So I used Superduper to backup the whole boot drive to a backup drive. When I boot into this backup drive some kexts or clover boot injections...
  18. bkendig

    [Solved] P7P55D-E Pro / Sierra loses Ethernet occasionally, stops TM backups

    This is a strange problem and probably a longshot to find anyone else hitting it, but I could use some ideas if anyone has any. I have an Asus P7P55D-E Pro mobo (with an 8112L networking controller) that was running 10.9 Mavericks for the past few years, no problems. A week ago I upgraded it to...
  19. Kositch

    Backup solution for complete drive (clover UEFI + Sierra partition)

    Hi, I would like to do one-time backup of my new hackintosh drive consisting of Clover UEFI + Sierra partition. If something fails - SSD or system itself I would like to restore complete drive as I am used to with Acronis True Image boot USB on Windows 10. It means to have backup of hackintosh...
  20. the_gael

    WOL - Backing up from one hackintosh to another

    Is anyone using WOL to wake up a hack in order to do a backup from another hack? I would like to setup up a hack as a backup and file server but would like it to Wake on Lan rather than being constantly on. I have tried with 2 or three machines which I have configured with wake for network...