1. andreboyrock

    How To Turn On Keyboard Backlit Through Scroll Lock Led On macOS

    Was using my CoolerMaster Devastator II keyboard with backlit off until found this solution, called "SetLEDs for Mac OS X", developed by Damien Guard. Here are the steps you should take to have scroll led on for all users when they make login: Download the latest version binary on...
  2. Isaac1323

    WiFI+Ethernet & Built-in Trackpad/Keyboard not Working after Clover Install El Capitan

    Hi, I recently completed an install of El Capitan on my Inspiron 5548. I'm able to use my Hackintosh with a USB Mouse and Keyboard. However, my Built-in Trackpad/Keyboard, as well as my Built -in wifi and external wifi adapter, along with my Ethernet cable refuse to work on my Hackintosh. My...
  3. bahram98

    DSDT Patch on ASUS N551JQ

    Hi ... I have an ASUS N551JQ (i7) installed OSX El captain using guide: (+ Updated FakePCID and the Graphics and backlit Related kexts) I'm trying to install the Intel HD...