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  1. in00b

    PowerMac G5 Adventures !

    **I'm edition this post to not clutter the forum** **I will update this thread with pictures of my progress as it goes along I'm almost ready to to build my Hackintosh in the case What I have (material) 1x 2004 G5 case with a bump on the top (stripped out by me) 1x 2005 G5 case with no...
  2. franknitty

    My First G5 Mod (ATX): all suggestions are welcome.

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of modding a G5 chassis for the first time. I'm thinking about trying my hand at doing as little cutting as possible with whatever method of modding that is quick and easy for me to do. I plan to cut out the excess pieces from the chassis using a drimmel hand...