1. nikdim03

    AmiShimTimerBoostExit changed current period to 549254 (OpenCore)

    Guys, this is my first hackintosh, please don't be mad at me if I did something completely stupid. I NEED your help! I've been trying to boot into macOS for almost a week now. I've read Dortania's troubleshooting guide several times; visited every forum, looking for solution. Setup CPU: Intel...
  2. ekh

    SOLUTION: Working Native Audio For alc1150

    I have Asus b85 Gamer pro with alc 1150. Been facing this problem since sierra. Had to use bluetooth for audio. Just recently solve the problem so i though i should share. Required Items 1. Clover Configurator (latest Version) 2. audio cloverALC or AppleALC (latest Version) 3. Clover (latest...
  3. Dumbledore

    Will It Run Mac OS High Sierra ?

    Hello everyone :wave: I would like to know if my PC can run Mac OS High Sierra. I only need the basic stuff to work, like Ethernet, audio, USB etc... Here's my configuration : Motherboard : ASRock B85 Pro4 CPU : i5-4570 (3.6Ghz) RAM : 8GB (1600Mhz) GPU : Gigabyte GTX 760 (2GB) Is there any...
  4. jr7s

    There is no dsdt database for gigabyte ga-p85-d3 b85 socket 1150!!

    Hello this is the first time i try to install the hackintosh on my pc, but i didn't find the DSDT datebase for my motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P85-D3 B85 1150, so please please please!!!!!!!! help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.tonymacx86.com/11-dsdt-database.html
  5. mcmacker4

    Fatal1ty B85 Killer DSDT

    Hi, I recently built a gaming PC, i wasn't thinking of building it as a Hackintosh but some days ago I thought I'd give it a try. The problem is that I have this MOBA: Asrock Fatal1ty B85 Killer and I can't find anyone who has this exact same motherboard here. I did find some Zxx versions of it...
  6. bballspartan08

    H81M-H Multibeast + initial install support Needed Advice

    Hey everyone I've seen a couple post on H81 and B85 series board and haven't seen too many Full SUCCESS on these boards and I have a couple questions though if you can please help. So this is my 3rd hackintosh build and already purchased the parts my first main hackintosh was a 1. z87x-ud5h 2...