1. DevonEvan

    Student looking to build cheapest hackintosh with preferences possible!

    Hey guys, I'm a student in Australia looking to build a cheap and relatively small hackintosh primarily for the experience of putting a computer together and messing around with it to get a Mac OS working. Once I have achieved this, I'll probably dual boot the computer with Ubuntu or Windows...
  2. kruddler

    Motherboards Available in Australia

    G'day. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I've sifted through the recommended motherboard list in June's recommendations, but I am finding it extremely hard to find these specific motherboards in Melbourne. I managed to track down a Gigabyte Q77M-D2H but it was dodgy, and it was the last in stock...
  3. bigrignz

    Build and Install

    Just wondering if there was anyone in Sydney, Australia, who was keen to build me a Hackintosh ?
  4. treedome36

    Mini ITX Cheap "Mac looking case"

    I was just wondering if anybody knew of any cheap, very small form factor mini itx cases? (Maybe that looks like a mac) Preferably from an Australian supplier. Thank You!
  5. Chemical

    GA-B75M-D3P Firewire Australia.

    Hi This is my first build so I am a complete noob. I am building this hack for recording purposes and want to use it with my Mbox pro 3. I will be using the GA-B75M-D3P mobo and other recommended parts from the buyers guide. My Mbox uses firewire so I need a pcie card for this board. All the...